Childhood Memories Friday: Clothes

Childhood Memories FridayAs a child, I was fairly oblivious to clothes. I had some clothes my mom had made, others made by my grandma, hand-me-downs, and some new things. I never gave them much thought.

brick bookend fabric craftThis is a bookend my mom made. It’s a brick from my grandparents’ home, which burned down in 1969, covered by scraps from various outfits I had as a child.

Once I made it to junior high, I became more clothes-conscious. I remember I began to like dressing up, and for some reason arbitrarily chose that I would wear dresses every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This set me apart a little, but I’ve never minded doing my own thing. I wore lots of wrap skirts, peasant skirts, and the like.

During my teenage years, I got my first pair of tennis shoes that I can remember (I had only a few pairs of shoes at any time as a child, in contrast to my children who now have many). They weren’t Nikes, but were a non-name brand and were blue.

High school saw my first purchase of jeans – and I only got them because a science field trip to sane a swamp required jeans (hmmmm … I totally remember that phrase “sane a swamp,” although is it “sane?” Is that spelled right? We were basically taking a net out there to get all the plants and critters we could). So, I bought a pair at JCPenney and waded into the swamp wearing them. I remember they had a label on the rear pocket with a rainbow on it – I just loved them.

In high school during the ’80s, it was the height of the “preppy” era.  “Cowl” necklines were in.

…so were pieces of ribbon tied around the neck, pink and green, pink and gray (this is reminding me of a house where I lived with a group of girls while doing an internship during the 1980s. The bathroom was done in peach and light blue, and I thought it was the most beautiful thing).

You saw lots of legwarmers. Fair aisle sweaters were all the rage. I wore a similar sweater for my senior pictures, thinking that it was a timeless, classic look. Well, you have to admit – it’s a better choice than a lot of things that were out there at the time.

I was also a fan of heels, tottering down the halls of the junior high and high school on 3″ heels.

What do you remember of the clothes of your childhood?

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  1. I was in Middle & High School from Fall 73–Spring ’80. In middle school and most of high school the 70’s version of “grunge” was pretty much it–artistically patched jeans and flannel shirts were big. In 6th grade I still had lovely clothes Mom made for me, but by 7th grade dresses were history! I had a pair of overalls she made me that I loved–the fabric had the then-popular “apple core” motif!! I also had a lot of “smock” tops she made–we all looked pregnant! “Stack” heel shoes were big, too. Last year of high school I wore jeans ONCE –the rest of the time it was dress slacks with sweaters or nice blouses. NO ONE wore sneakers that year! College was totally The Preppy Handbook!

    Fun post!

  2. As the heaviest girl in my class, it didn’t make any difference what I wore because I was just viewed as being fat! Oh, the joys! Not much has changed.

  3. The brick inside the doorstop came from your Grandpa & Grandma Schulte’s home that burned down in January 1969.

  4. I remember in 6th grade I got my first pairs of jeans for 6th grade camp. One of the pairs was red. Got my jeans from Sears. I also remember having a pair of shoes that were red & blue patent leather with navy blue ribbon laces and a thick chunky heel. I wore those shoes with a red and blue dress that was my favorite at the time. I also remember in jr. high my grandmother made me a couple of long dresses with the wide sleeves and tie in the back. In high school I remember wearing wrap around skirts which I made myself. Also remember getting hand me downs from my cousin. She was very stylish. A lot of the things she gave me were not things I would have chose for myself, so it was kind of fun to get clothes from her.

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