Focaccia Bread

Focaccia bread – I’ve had it at Italian restaurants; I’ve made it a time or two. I just think of it as a flat, pizza dough-type bread seasoned with herbs and overall yummy.

When I saw it featured in a newspaper story recently, and when I needed something to go with the evening’s Moroccan Chicken, I knew that I needed to make some focaccia bread this week.

In reading through the recipe, I noticed that it called for a sprig of fresh rosemary. Well, friends, you will be thrilled to know that I actually have fresh rosemary. I know you’re quite impressed (well, at least *I* am). My mom gave me the plant recently, hoping I could work magic with it. Alas, I could not:

dying rosemaryBut, although it doesn’t look at all fresh, it is growing, and it is rosemary. So, I chopped some up.

I knew it was going to be tricky making this, but I did my best to squeeze in the 2 rising periods between 2 piano lessons and a flute lesson.

Actually, I had to run into the kitchen between siblings’ lessons to do a quick knead. The kids came along and were fascinated. Incidentally, that’s not the first time this has happened:  piano kids running into the kitchen and being amazed at me cooking. This little girl wanted to help knead, and said, “My mom never cooks!” I’m just wondering what these people eat!

So, after many hands had kneaded the dough, back to rise it went.

rising focaccia breadFinally, ready on the baking stone (I hope that was a good thing to use; the recipe didn’t specify what to bake it on).

The recipe listed various things to top the bread with:  olive oil, rosemary, feta cheese, tomatoes, Parmesan. They all sounded good. Given the chaos of the moment, a little olive oil and Parmesan was my choice (side note:  pouring olive oil over the bread took me back to my 3-week stay in Italy with my pen pal’s family in 1991. Those folks poured olive oil over everything and I remember being just appalled. I also remember my pen pal sharing that their “Mediterranean diet” was so healthy, and looks like she was right).

Twenty minutes later, out of the oven it came – not a work of art, maybe not even what I’d have at a restaurant, but we all enjoyed it and it was polished off except for one small piece.


5 thoughts on “Focaccia Bread

  1. Alice Watts introduced me to Focaccia Bread years ago when we spent the day in Madison, Indiana. We had some there for lunch. I really like it and have made it quite a few times.

  2. oh, HOLY COW! It’s the third Thursday and I totally forgot! 😳

    My rosemary is still alive, too – barely, but IT LIVES!

    Anyway, your focaccia sounds wonderful – the dough is pretty much supposed to be really wet and sloppy – hard to work with, but your patience is rewarded. 😀

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