Here, Kitty Kitty

I like pussy willows, and have wanted one for awhile. We had one when I was little, and I love the little fuzzy nubs they have.

My mother-in-law has a huge one, and for the past several years when we visit in the spring I have taken cuttings from it which I then attempt to plant. This has had very mixed success – well, actually, it hasn’t been mixed at all. It hasn’t worked.

Once, the cuttings appeared to be taking off, but they were mowed off by the lawn mower. Another year they didn’t “take” at all.

Each spring, as soon as it’s nice enough to go out, I anxiously watch over the pussy willow twigs. Did they survive the winter? Will this be the year my pussy willow actually makes it?

pussy willowI know the photo is a little “fuzzy” (ha ha) – but I am so excited! A single, fuzzy nub! I’m saying it’s a success.

I hope your day is similarly exciting.

5 thoughts on “Here, Kitty Kitty

  1. Reminds me of a song we learned from Nancy Leonard on TV.
    “When the first warm breezes blow
    Comes a little friend we know. . .
    Pussy Willow, Pussy Willow…
    And we know that spring is here
    When their furry coats appear. .
    Pussy Willow – In the spring!”

    I taught it to Miss Fairy’s Sunday School class and the little kids sang it for years.

  2. Yay Spring!

    I’ve seen pussy willows at the public market on my last 2 trips there, and I’ve wanted them so badly! But I know that whatever the cat didn’t kill, the dog would eat, so . .

    Alas, I’m reduced to admiring them from afar!

  3. I’m happy for you! It’s always so exciting to see something new growing in your yard, as long as it’s not weeds.

  4. Congrats on your success! I remember learning about pussy willows in 3rd grade. Oh my, was I taken with them. Still love them.

  5. I remember singing the same song, ya ught by Mrs. Cornwall at J. Eons Ray School in Takoma Park, MD and discovering these precious oddities of nature in 6th grade.

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