Baby Wipes: Not Just for Babies

When my girls were little, I was always looking for deals on diapers and wipes. In fact, I was so fanatical about it that I think I had stockpiled my third child’s entire supply of diapers before she was even born. At the time, stores in our area doubled coupons, and I was able to score many packages of diaper wipes for pennies or even free.

Baby Wipes: Not Just for Babies

Well, my “baby” will turn 9 next month. But, my stockpile of diaper wipes remains. And that’s no tragedy, because I’ve found diaper wipes come in handy for many things.

diaper wipes

A sampling from the stash

I keep a container in each bathroom for quick clean-ups. They are great to keep in the van as well for those occasions where sticky fingers need something damp or something small needs to be wiped up. They are also perfect for wiping off our area around the computers and other technological equipment – dust sticks to them really well.

What else have you found to use baby wipes for?


8 thoughts on “Baby Wipes: Not Just for Babies

  1. I have containers of wipe type products around here but they often just dry up. I am way too old school for them. When I have a spill, I use rags. I guess I’m too much a child of the depression.

  2. My kids are still little so I use them for everything but I certainly keep them in the van for sticky fingers and do use them for a quick clean up. hey are great for getting stains out when they first happen and for washing walls when they put their sticky fingers on them ; )
    My son is 19 m and I have had his wipes and diapers stocked until he potty trains since befpre he was born. I also have enough pullups, it is nice to hear I am not alone in this!

  3. I love baby wipes! My girlie is turning 5 and I keep a carry pack in my purse. I use them to wipe down shopping carts, and my girlie prefers them over a napkin when we eat out!

  4. I’m interested in Attic Girl’s comment that she is a child of the depression. I’m not sure which depression that is, but not the great depression!

    I use baby wipes when I’m visiting somewhere where it is unsafe for me to get in and out of the tub. But mine often dry up before use, too. Does anyone have a cure for that problem?

  5. i know this is horrible, but i use them for all kinds of things – wiping off the highchair works sooo good! So does wiping down the bathroom counter when company is coming, dusting, etc.. I’m a wipe-a-holic, well i guess mainly recreational wiper – lol.

  6. If you have a tub that’s dried out, just add a few tablespoons of water. That will revive them. I’ve also heard that they retain moisture better if you store the container upside-down.

  7. I think I read awhile back that baby wipes are cheaper to use than the household antibacterial wipes (leaving brand names out here). I am a wipe lover like Outdoor Mom. For me, wipes are so easy to use (and for my boys). When I lived in California I used a lot of wipes to clean my house. For some reason since our relocation to Colorado, I have resorted to a washcloth and spray cleaner, but I still use wipes to clean the bathroom.

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