Childhood Memories Friday: The Coming Ice Age

With all the recent talk about global warming, I have been remembering my elementary school science classes.

We were taught about the ice ages, and that the earth would be experiencing another ice age any time. I remember feeling vaguely nervous about this (although not as nervous as I felt anticipating the return of Jesus and the possibility that Christians would have to go through the tribulation).

So, what’s changed in the intervening 35 years? Can the data change so drastically in such a short period of time to change scientists’ opinions from anticipating an ice age to preparing for the melting of the ice caps and global calamity due to the planet warming rather than cooling?

I also remember being taught about how we would be out of coal, oil, etc. in – what? Maybe 20 years? That was vaguely troubling to a child as well. I would try to imagine an adulthood in which we all huddled around a fire in the center of the living room, maybe … reading by candlelight … and lo and behold – this also has not come to pass.

Makes you wonder how much of what we learn is accurate, and how much is just conjecture. Do you remember learning other things when you were a child that are now considered outdated or wrong?

2 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: The Coming Ice Age

  1. I think the problem comes with the lack of emphasis on the words “theory” and “possibly”…… lots of that in our world!

  2. I remember learning how we would be out of oil. My Dad worked for an oil company too. I thought by now we would all be using alternative fuel, but here we are still using oil. Pretty amazing! I never did believe that ice age stuff, with all the droughts we had in Southern California it just seemed way off. I agree with Lisa, “theory” is not emphasized.

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