Menu Plan Monday

It’s one of those weeks – I just don’t feel like doing a lot of cooking (you regular readers are probably noticing a trend here …). But, it’s Menu Plan Monday anyway.

Seriously. My kids have these activities after school each week: dance (2 classes), flute lesson,  piano lesson (2), Latin class, and Awana on Wednesday evening. Add to that, I give 11 piano lessons each week. Can you see how it’s a little difficult to turn into Martha Stewart each night at 6, even if I wanted to?

Such as it is:

Monday: I was holding an informal brainstorming session on what people would like for dinner – and breakfast for dinner came up. So, pancakes and applesauce. Yum!

Tuesday: Taco night – I’ll put out meat with taco seasoning, salsa, lettuce, olives, cheese, beans of some type, and hard/soft shells

Wednesday: White Sauce Chicken Lasagna – very good, and great since I froze an extra a few weeks ago.

Thursday: Calico Beans – maybe with whole grain bread from the bread machine

Friday: Chicken and Noodles and mashed potatoes – because we all need our carbs 🙂

What makes up your Menu Plan Monday this week?

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Dude! Noodles AND mashed potatoes? You may have just become my husband’s new hero!

    (Though now that I think about it, I used to serve mashed potatoes with chicken and biscuits. . . )

  2. Hey, it’s Monday, so I really have it made today! We will be having chicken sandwiches and waffle fries from Chic Filet tonight since Joe plays piano at Von Maur today from 3 – 6pm and the restaurant if practically next door to the Department store. On Mondays only all that you have to do is take the Sunday church bulletin along to get a FREE chicken sandwich if you buy one. Joe always “cooks” on Mondays when he works, because he can feed us both for a tad over $3, which is really a bargain these days! Likely, I will add a veggie and some fresh fruit to complete the meal.

    We can celebrate tonight for getting our tax appointment over and not having to pay any extra! We actually get small refunds back from both the federal and the state. Thank you, Lord! As long as the Dems are in power and continuing to waste our money, we want to pay the least amount of money possible.

  3. How ’bout rounding out Friday’s menu with some macaroni ‘n cheese? Colorwise – it is a study in ecru!

  4. Here’s my quickest answer to dinner when I remember I own a crock-pot. Put in a hunk of meat. Top with any of the following:

    1 small bottle bbq sauce

    1-2 packs ranch dressing and 1-2 cups water


    1 cup of Rose wine [not the stuff in the vinegar isle!] or water and 2 packs of Good Season Italian Salad Dressing mix. Toss in a few cloves of garlic if you like.

    Serve any/all on rolls or buns with a bag of salad and a can of fruit. Almost no work! If you use one of those nifty Crock Pot liners [near the sandwich bags and baking bags] and serve on paper plates there’s almost no clean up!!! Some weeks I, who love cooking, can’t stand cooking–these save the day with a hungry teenage boy in the house!

  5. Sounds great! Are your girls going to wear green dresses for St. Patrick’s Day:) My corned beef and cabbage are cooking away in the crock pot as I type. It smells soooooooo good! Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day and come join me for Crock Pot Wednesday if you can.

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