4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: No Computers!

  1. I regret we did not have one in our home when children were present. I don’t recall it even being thought about. I remember Dad taking a computer class one night a week and saying it was hard. Computers are certainly mind altering. Sometimes I think of all the extra minutes I would have if I didn’t have a computer!

  2. You didn’t have Professor Hayes Smith for computer science did you?? He blathered on and on about the history of the computer than tested us out of stuff he seemingly pulled from mid-air! I remember being excited that mine was the first class at IU that did NOT have to do punch cards!! The tractor-feed paper was the “standard” then. My 2nd or 3d year at IU a friend’s husband got a Commodore 64 that they hooked up to an old B/W tv!! “Storage” was a cassette!!!!

  3. I had a computer of sorts at an early job, that only went between us and home office. We’d do the reports on it. My hubby took a computer programming class in his senior year at Vocational School and it was really good and he was too, so he really knew his stuff. Early in our marriage we got a computer and he made his own interfaces for me. it was a Tandy from Radio Shack. He taught our boys from when they were tiny and now they are all very comfortable with computers. When he was in Vo-Tech he would slip in punch cards that were love notes to me and I still have them.

  4. I took a computer class in college to learn programming. It was very complicated and I did not get it at all so I dropped out. Then I got a job at the college and began working on a computer doing something called word processing (computerized typing). I was good at it, but when it came time to doing time sheets on the computer, didn’t get it. Ugh. Anyway, I went on to major in secretarial studies and then got a job doing data entry and then went on to land a government job doing word processing. My boyfriend (now husband) was studying to become a computer programmer. So we were a jet set couple in our day. The first time we actually got a computer in our home was in 1998 and we haven’t been without one since. Strange how you know you lived without something for years and now you just could not imagine being without it. Cell phone is like that for me too.

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