Inspiration on the Wall: Europe Memorabilia Project

This post is to keep you updated on a Europe memorabilia project for which I earlier asked your help – you remember, the one with the buttons? I ended up buying a frame for the European-themed buttons and planned to use them along with some photos from trips to Europe.

I needed inspiration on what to put as a background to the buttons. I ended up putting very light maps of the countries behind the buttons:

button projectFor the center section, I backed the European memorabilia with a burlap-type fabric:

Europe memorabilia project

Voila! It is done, and now hanging near my closet, where I can enjoy it as I walk by each morning and evening. It’s nice to have a project finished.

Thanks for your good advice!

Europe memorabilia project

2 thoughts on “Inspiration on the Wall: Europe Memorabilia Project

  1. I am so happy that came together so well. One of my dreams is to do something creative with my presidential campaign button collection.

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