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… so, when I found this Blog Parade online, I thought I’d participate. Besides, it’s Thursday, and I don’t have a whole lot to talk about.

1.  What’s your favorite time of day, and why?

No doubt, it is early morning. I get up at 6 each day of the week and love my early morning time at the computer. No one else is around! I can eat a leisurely breakfast and catch up with what’s happened overnight. Then, at 7 I ride the exercise bike for 30 minutes and still no one is up (actually, my 7th grader does get up early and gets on the bus prior to 7, but she’s no trouble).

2.  If health wasn’t an issue, what food could you live off of?

Chocolate – no question. Chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, chocolate candy … I’m not particular 🙂 I worked at a Dairy Queen for several years and the employees all said, “You get tired of the food after awhile.” I never did …

3.  If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?

Hmmm … I’m pretty content. I suppose I’d go to Europe or maybe go back to Disney World. Or possibly lose 15 points in an eyeblink 🙂

4.  What’s one thing that you get teased about a lot?

Well, I guess nothing. I’m not really a teasing-type person.

5.  If you could choose one book, movie or TV show to spend your life in, which would you pick? What kind of character would you be?

There are so many good choices! At the moment, I’m thinking I’d like to be in the Anne of Green Gables books. I’d like to say I’d be Anne, but realistically I’d probably be more of a (hopefully friendlier) Marilla-type.

6.  If you could have one talent that you don’t already have, what would it be?

I wish I could pick up foreign languages easily. I know some German and Italian, but I’d love to speak them fluently.

7.  If money were no object, where would you go on vacation?

Europe! All over it!

8.  If you were an awesome singer, which genre would you sing?

Opera – although the thought of it is pretty funny 🙂

9.  If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, what would it be?

Ann Taylor Loft

10. If you could live at any point in time, when would it be?

Now. I love the romance and all of earlier times, but the reality of no indoor plumbing, corsets, and crappy medical care make that decision pretty easy.

11. If every outfit in your wardrobe had to be one color, what would it be?

Eh, no strong feelings on this. I guess blue.

12. If you were one of the seven dwarves, which one would you be?

(Doc, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Happy, or Dopey)

Well, first of all, I assume they mean “dwarfs” rather than “dwarves,” but honestly, I don’t like this question. I don’t think I would be any of those creatures 🙂

13. What’s the last album you listened to?

The Promise by Il Divo

14. What’s something we’d be surprised to know about you?

Actually – nothing. I think I’m pretty consistent in my actions. Maybe that I love reading trashy celeb magazines?

Okay, now in the comments, answer one of these about yourself!


3 thoughts on “Blog Parade

  1. Let me answer: If money were no object, where would you go? I’d tour the world. There are so many places I’d love to go. I’d like to go back to Africa, not just to the parts I’ve already visited but to some of the allegedly beautiful game parks. I’d love to go back to Europe, but I’d want to tour some of the countries I’ve not yet seen, as well as those I’ve already visited. And I’d like to see every state in the US. I’ve seen most of them, but I’d be happy to see them again, and I’d love to see Hawaii and Alaska. I haven’t mentioned any Asian countries, but I’d love to visit some of those, too. We work with some lovely Christian people from Asia. I’d love to see their home countries.

  2. yay for chocolate!! I would love to go to Europe too!! : ) It was fun reading your answers! 🙂

  3. Stopping by on the Blog Parade. I picked Anne of Green Gables too. I love the picturesque landscape I imagine when I read the books.

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