Childhood Memories Friday: Youth Sunday

Growing up in our church, one thing we could count on each year was Youth Sunday. On this Sunday, the “youth” (teens) taught the Sunday School classes, and on Sunday night played the instruments, sang, led music, and yes – even preached.

My first few years as a teen, I was happily content to teach the little kids. However, with advancing age came wisdom (supposedly), and before I knew it I had been assigned to teach the Amoma (Agoga? the classes had very odd names) class. Whatever its name, it was full of ancient ladies.

My partner in teaching was to be Rhoda, an adopted Indian (as in native American) girl with a penchant for running away and drug experimentation, so I had a feeling this would be interesting. I spent a lot of time preparing the lesson, including typing (yep, this was pre-computers)  several questions on paper and distributing them to the women to answer. To my horror, none of the ladies would answer their questions! I would have thought they’d have had pity on the poor high school kid trying to teach them, but apparently not. My only other memory of the morning involved embarrassment when Rhoda began ad libbing about the perks of make-up (“You know, if a barn needs paint …”).

As a girl, I was mercifully free from consideration for preaching (that task fell to the most “with-it” senior boy), but I could usually count on being chosen to be pianist for the evening.

Did you participate in Youth Sunday as a child? Or maybe it’s just something my church did?

3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Youth Sunday

  1. I rarely went to Church as a kid, but have experienced it as an adult. Happily, at our churches they only provided the music, communion/offering prayer and a brief sermon–usually doing it as a skit with some help from the Youth Pastor. FYI–“our friend’s” cancer is VERY treatable. Keep her in prayer still though. I checked with her sil.

  2. We didn’t have youth Sunday, but we had youth services. It wasn’t a big deal to me, since I had begun accompanying the congregational service at the age of 14. I think I probably taught a children’s church group in addition to playing.

  3. Well, my mom raised me as a Lutheran. I went to Sunday school, but did not like it. I liked going to service better. We moved around when I was a kid so I went to different churches. When I was a teen I went to a youth group, but felt out of place. I remember my Mom took up teaching Sunday school for awhile and I would help her. I also remember participating in a progressive dinner with the youth group and doing an overnight camp. When we moved again, I went through confirmation. I also remember participating in a seeder dinner which was neat. And again we moved and by that time my mom had pretty much fizzled on the church scene. We attended a Methodist church for a bit, but then I got saved and began going to non-denominational churches.

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