Menu Plan Monday

This past week, as you loyal readers know, I baked my “extra” November turkey. This resulted in meat for one night, and 4 containers of extra meat in the freezer for later. I also have a bit of the bones in a pot in the fridge ready to make soup (or something containing broth) in the next week.

Also, I think my grocery list of ingredients for the week’s food was only one item. I did need to buy the basics I buy every week – milk, bread, etc. – but it was great to basically use items from the pantry. I think it’s great to stock up on sale items when I also have coupons – I try to buy enough of an item to last us until the next time it goes on sale. I’m also blessed to have a very large, walk-in pantry which makes it possible for me to stockpile a lot of dry goods this way.

This week’s Menu Plan Monday:

Monday: Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

Tuesday: Cheeseburger Buns – the kids always request these.

Wednesday: Poppyseed Chicken – easy and popular with the kids.

Thursday: Curried Chicken and Chickpea Stew

Friday: Baked Tilapia – in an effort to get more of those healthy Omega-3’s into our diet, I’m trying to make fish every now and then. Meijer often has bags of tilapia on sale, and I just bread them with breadcrumbs and some spices and bake it. Most everyone likes it, and I also make rice and a veggie or two.


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  1. Lately I am buying very few groceries. I too have lots stocked up. I buy practically NO convenience food. It seems I mostly buy skim milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt. Last week I spent less than $10 for groceries.

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