Childhood Memories Friday: Weekly Reader

Do you remember Weekly Reader? You know, the newspaper for school kids? I came across one the other day.

Weekly Reader 1976It’s from 1976, and see the little kid’s lovely haircut? Can’t tell whether it’s a girl or a boy? Yeah, me either – unfortunately, I had that exact same haircut until about fifth grade. Trust me when I say it wasn’t pretty.

Inside, we see that it’s an election year:

Weekly Reader 1976 Ford CarterI love how I confidently cast my vote for Ford. I have to say I’m impressed with Weekly Reader’s impartiality (although it’s also pretty bland) – Ford is from Michigan and has a wife and 4 kids, Carter is from Georgia and has a wife and 4 kids – they both hope people will vote for them … yawn.

How much do you wanna bet that the 2008 Weekly Readers were innocently proclaiming Obama’s “hope and change?”  Okay, I know, I know – it’s Childhood Memories Friday, not political rant day.

My kids still bring home Weekly Readers (well, actually they get Time for Kids, but it’s similar). When I taught, we always collected $2.50 or so from each kid for their subscription. It must be included in the (massive and growing each year) book fees now, because I’ve never paid for it separately for my kids.

I remember we got a cardboard-type binder to keep all our Weekly Readers in at the end of the year.

Did you get Weekly Reader? Do you remember going through it with your classmates each Friday?

5 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Weekly Reader

  1. I remember Weekly Reader, and I was going to say that I confidently cast my vote as well – AT THE POLLS. But then I realized that this was Carter/Ford, not Carter/Reagan – which was my first election. The sad thing is that I’m not sure who I voted for, although in retrospect I hope I voted for Reagan.

    Anyhow – I LOVED Friday afternoon Weekly Reader sessions. It was such a break from the straight desked routine of twenty-five math problems written on the board, thirty sentences to diagram, twenty spelling words to use in sentences, and a boring science (b&w) film.

    We also had to send in a payment for Weekly Reader – in coins. And remember the books you could order? I LOVED that.

  2. I was a news junkie even then and LOVED this “paper.” My classmates thought I was a squirrel or something. Don’t recall what we said for “dork” in the mid 70s….lol…..

  3. I remember Weekly Reader and I liked it ok. But what I really, really liked was the books you could order! They were always affordable, and I would pour over the descriptions to get just the right books. Then I would wait for weeks for them to come in. Exciting day!!! I still have many of the books I got through this program. Some are STILL my favorites!

  4. I vaguely remember those Weekly Readers, but then I moved around to different schools a lot while I was growing up. It is hard for me to place which school I had Weekly Reader at. Anyway, always enjoy your Childhood Memories post, love remembering the old days.

  5. Ahhhh! “My Weekly Reader,” fourth grade, Burton Elementary School in Nashville, TN, and right now a flock of memories bombing my brain! Thanks for allowing us a little trip back down Memory Lane.

    Yesterday, I posted a suggestion to the editor of “The Nashville Retrospect” about a binder for his new monthly with the old-time flavor. I even described the cardstock “My Weekly Reader” covers to the editor, and I also mentioned the shoelace-type string we used to bind the papers inside the covers. He has already replied that he likes the idea of a binder for the ‘Retrospect’. ( which would perhaps be similar to the ones we all remember from our “Weekly Reader” days.

    I know if I dig deep enough in the attic, I’ll surely find one set of ‘Readers’ bound in that great little cover and held together with that brown string. If you have a photo of the old cover, please post it. I will pass it along to the editor of “The Nashville Retrospect”.

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