Easy Christmas Cookie and Candy Making

Making Christmas cookies and candy – yummy, fun … and also, sometimes stressful and expensive!  These are some tips our family uses to make Christmas baking more fun.

Easy Christmas Cookie and Candy Making

1.  A month or so before Christmas, I make a list of the recipes I want to make.  This year I asked the girls to each look through a cookie book and choose something they would like to make.

This year, we’re making:

Chocolate Mint Squares:  I love these!!!  The mom of one of my students (back when I taught school) made them for me one Christmas, and I have made them most every year since.

Peppermint Meltaways:  This was in the paper recently; they look yummy.

Simply Sensational Truffles:  This recipe was found at the store.

Festive Vanilla Fudge:  This is in a Betty Crocker Christmas cookies cookbook … I can’t find it online, but basically it’s fudge made with white chocolate chips with M&M’s also 🙂

2.  Make a list of ingredients you’ll need.  Since you’re doing this early, you’ll have time to find most if not all of the items on sale.  If I need some things that don’t seem to go on sale, I will buy one or two things each week, or buy these items when I’m doing a grocery store mystery shop.

3. Choose a time to bake.  Honestly, it would be more peaceful and fun for me to do this on my own during the day, when the girls are in school.  But, I think they would enjoy helping (and it’s a good learning experience), so we’re planning to make all these goodies Saturday.  I’ll put on Christmas CD’s and we’ll have a great time!

4.  Share.  We always like to give some of our goodies to neighbors and Awana leaders.  Throughout the year, I save tins we get that might work well for packaging the treats.  Also, after Christmas is a great time to buy tins and other containers for 75% off or even more.  It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be generous!

What are some tips you have for enjoying Christmas cookie and candy making?


7 thoughts on “Easy Christmas Cookie and Candy Making

  1. Oh, look at you with your shiny new Christmas design! 😉

    I usually do tins of Christmas cookies for friends, family, neighbors, etc. too. I always pick up half a dozen or so after the holidays, too – Big Lots and Michael’s both usually have good prices, though it’s usually slim pickings after Christmas.

  2. Wow! Your Christmas motif is pretty impressive. I’d enjoy being there on Saturday. I miss being a part of a family.

  3. I like gradually stocking up on my Christmas baking for a few weeks in advance, too. Your recipe links sound yummy!

  4. tis the weekend to make holiday treats! We’ll be baking on Sunday. We plan to make fudge, peanut brittle, rock candy, caramel corn, and christmas cookies. Too bad we didn’t live closer! Your cookies sound yummy! Have fun!!!

  5. Yum, Christmas candy making and baking time! I just put up a recipe for Potato Candy at AC. Unique and easy. I also make several kinds of fudge, and various other treats. Gearing up, but not actually cooking yet.

  6. In today’s mail I received an invitation to a Cookie Exchange. I am to bring 4 dozen homemade cookies (all the same kind) and a dozen copies of my recipe. Lunch will be served. We are to RSVP and inform the host what type cookie we will make to we don’t have duplicates. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Maybe more of you would like to do this. There’s still time.

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