Crockpot Lasagna

Have you ever made lasagna — in a slow cooker? I recently found a recipe for Crockpot Lasagna, a few weeks ago when I was searching for weekly recipe ideas.  I found a site with tons of crockpot recipes, and this was one that intrigued me:  I love using the crockpot and I love lasagna – how cool to merge the two!

I followed the recipe pretty closely (although I don’t have sea salt, and also I subbed a different type of noodle for lasagna noodles; it just seemed wrong somehow to break up lasagna noodles so they would fit).  Here it is, ready to go:

crockpot lasagnaI was a little worried that the noodles would become mushy after so long in the crockpot, but they were fine.  The whole family enjoyed it, and I’ll be making it again.

crockpot lasagnaTa da!  Easiest lasagna I’ve made.

On a side note, don’t you love my ’80s country blue crockpot interior?  I’ve probably had my crockpot since I first began cooking on my own in the ’80s.  I never gave it much thought until a few years ago when I volunteered to bring a crockpot of something to one of the kids’ schools.  I was amazed at all the stainless steel, fancy schmancy crockpots in there – mine looked quite old fashioned (or perhaps it’s jazzier to say “retro”) in comparison.

But, in keeping with my conservative and frugal nature, I see no need to replace my crockpot:  it’s served me well all these years, so why discard a good thing?  Do I really need it sitting in a landfill just so I can have a shiny new one with a timer (which I’d never use anyway)?  I think not.


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  1. I received my crock pot for Christmas in 1975. While turning a corner rather sharply, a couple years ago, (in my car), the clear glass lid got a bad chip in it. (I was headed to a church dinner and had it filled with potatoes I had fried.) I found I have another clear glass lid that substitutes well. My life would go on if I did not own a crock pot but I like it for an occasional situation. I always remember my sister Mary Ellen saying, “I have never yet eaten anything made in a crock pot that I liked.”

  2. I finally got another slow cooker a few years back – mine was from 1984 – beige with a tan interior that DOES NOT COME OUT! I remember all the years of wishing I had one of the “fancy” ones with the removable crock!

    To tell the truth, I like the old one better for cooking, but the new(er) one cleans up SO much easier!

  3. The lasagna look delicious! I have made it in the crock-pot and broken the noodles to fit. I am happy to know that I can use a different kind of pasta and it will come out right. Oh, and that blue crock-pot is cool! My crock-pot is from the 80’s too. It has a ceramic removable crock (amber colored) with a glass lid. I love it!

  4. Oh, crockpots. Just a few months ago I had to replace my 15 year old crockpot because it was spitting flames. Kinda made me nervous, and boy, was I glad that I was home. Love my new one with a removable insert.
    The lasagna looks tasty!

  5. I love Lasagna,!Cooking it in a slow cooker never even crossed my mind.But after reading this,I’m gonna give it a try.Hope mine turns out as good as yours did.

  6. This looks awesome! My family loves lasagna and I had never though of doing it this way. Would save on so much time.and it looks so easy. Love that you can kinda play around with it as well to your liking. Thank you for sharing and will be trying this very soon!!

  7. This looks fabulous! I love my crockpot so much that I have TWO of them. I can cook a main dish and a dessert in one.. Works out great when I am feeling Lazy and don’t feel like cooking!

  8. The lasagna looks great! I am going to have to try it!!! Thanks for the recipes 🙂

  9. wow talk about an easy meal, quik and tasty 😉 and who doesn’t like lasagna yum.. thanks for share

  10. this looks and sounds pretty good, i need to try this, thank you!!!!

  11. This is a wonderful recipe, and looks so great for the wintertime

  12. Yummy! I think this would be a great recipe to try. Ever since I went back to work last year teaching, I have gave up cooking. My hubby usually cooks but he has been super tired as well…lots of soup and sandwiches lately for this family.

  13. I LOVE making lasagna! Sometimes all the layers and steps can get tedious, though. This is great for busy *no time to cook* days!

  14. The lasagna looks delicious. I have never owned a crockpot, but there now are so many interesting and delicious recipes like this one. I might change my mind and buy one .

  15. I’m really enjoying all of your crockpot meals. My husband and I love lasagna and I think I would use the penne noodles instead of lasagna noodles.

  16. I love that this recipe has spinach in it. EASY? So easy I cant wait to try it!!

  17. i love the fact that you can just add what you enjoy and let the slow cooker do its job 😉 another great recipe , thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  18. I love lasagna and had now idea it could be this simple to make.It looks delicious and by the way I have an older stoneware crockpot too in a brown Coca-Cola color.I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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