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Money.  It seems we all need more of it, especially in this economy.  Yet when you’re a stay at home mom, your options for earning may seem limited.  I thought I’d post about some ways I’ve found over the years to earn money online.

You won’t get rich doing any of these, but the key is baby steps, people.  Say it with me:  baby steps. You know, every little bit helps.

I wrote earlier about mystery shopping.  You do need to leave the house to do most mystery shops (although there are some phone shops available), but you’ll search for jobs online and enter reports there.

Especially with Christmas coming, you may be doing online shopping.  Don’t order online through any site without first checking if it’s at Ebates. Basically, if you go to ebates.com and THEN click to the site you’re shopping at through there, you get part of your purchase price put into your ebates account.  Ebates they pays you, every few months.

A similar site is Upromise.com.  In addition to shopping online, upromise lets you earn in various ways (by using their credit card and doing other offers which are detailed on the site).  Money here is put into an account for your child’s college education, but if you don’t have kids or they are grown, you can also request a check from upromise and just be paid directly.

Mypoints is another site I’ve belonged to for years.  You can earn at Mypoints by shopping through the site, but my favorite way to earn is simply by clicking on emails they send almost daily.  Each email you click earns you 5 points (a bit worth than 5 cents; again, baby steps).  Over the  years I’ve redeemed my points there for JCPenney gift certificates (I use these for the kids’ birthday photos), Pizza Hut, and more.  They’re very reliable.

You can also take surveys online for money.  I’m kind of transitioning out of these because most seem to offer little money relative to the time involved.  Some that are reliable (ie, I’ve actually been paid by them) would include:


PanelPolls – for kids 6 – 17 (my kids have enjoyed taking surveys!)

Have you found a way to earn money online that you’d like to pass along?  Please share it in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Earn Money Online

  1. The only one I do is the one you got me interested in, AC. It is fun, and I feel better since you said what you earn – I earned about $17 for my first month, and I was pleased, but I didn’t know if that was good or really, really bad. (To hear some people tell it, you can earn thousands. But I don’t WANT to write 20 articles a day!) I have considered some of the other online writing sites, but I want to work whatever I do gradually in to my schedule. What I really want to do is tutor kids in reading! I enjoy that immensely, but I don’t have any students at the moment.

  2. Thanks for these ideas! I’m one who stops everything to pick up a penny on the sidewalk or an aluminum can to sell to the recycling center, so I’m all about pulling in the pennies wherever you can. 🙂 We’ll have to check this out.

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