Childhood Memories Friday: Halloween Memories

Childhood Memories FridayI don’t have many childhood Halloween memories, actually.  My sister and I always dressed up.  I remember we had a supply of those cheap plastic masks with eyes cut out – I specifically remember dressing up as Red Riding Hood one year.  I also had one year as the obligatory hobo, complete with too-small pants and a bandana tied to a stick.  I seem to remember my mom winning a Halloween costume of some sort one year, although the details are fuzzy …

Other than visiting our immediate neighbors, we didn’t walk around the neighborhood much (it was a fairly busy street that didn’t lend itself to that), but my parents drove us to a few of their friends’ houses and would wait by the car while we went up to get our treats.

Halloween is one of the few holidays yielding little “loot” from my childhood; really, the only item is this little witch:

Halloween memories vintage witch figurine HallmarkI don’t remember how or where I got her.  She says “Hallmark” on the bottom.

I remember we always had Halloween parties (not “harvest parties” or “fall festivals”) at school.  It was just a simpler time; most everyone “did” Halloween and it wasn’t thought to be Satanic or awful.  The witches and ghosts wandering around were friendly, not evil.  I remember watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” every year (a tradition we continue today).

What about you? Any Halloween memories?

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  1. I remember the first time we took you trick or treating (by car). Dad commented how much fun he was having.

    I think Jill won the Pokey Little Puppy costume on the Cowboy Bob Show. As I recall we were watching TV when it was announced, which was very exciting. I just did a little digging and your Little Red Riding Hood mask will be going home with you next visit. I also found a Fairy Queen costume in the original box which cost 1.39. I believe the witch was a surprise from your parents.

  2. When I was growing up, trick-or-treating was ALWAYS during the day – either right after school or even earlier on the weekends.

    We also watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” and I remember, year after year, thinking how weird it was that they went out in the dark!

  3. Halloween was never a “biggie” at our house when I was growing up. I do remember a time when the grownups dressed up along with the kids. Apples and homemade caramel popcorn balls were often given out instead of candy in my neighborhood, and you never ever went trick-or-treating to anyone’s house that you didn’t know. Since almost everyone in my rural neighborhood went to the same country church, we kids already knew everyone in that area. Never a thought of razor blades or anything bad. All of that scary stuff came much, much later around the time my grandchildren went out to halloween family and friends.

    I do remember winning 1st place TWICE for the annual Halloween parade in the school gym when I was in grade school. A relative of mine named Bertha Rupert sewed up a homemade costume for me. It was a black cat (made out of feed sacks that had been dyed black by my Mother). It had a long tail stuffed with something to make it look more realistic. The cat’s head was a separate piece which fit over my entire head, kind of like a sock cap with ears and mask all in one. It was made out of the same dyed black cloth.
    I walked around the gym probably three times on all fours yowling away and arching my back waiting on the judges to make up their minds (not an easy feat!). The first year the cat costume fit fine, and I was a very proud winner! The next year I wore it again, but by now it was too small and I was actually embarrassed to win that time. I couldn’t believe that the same costume won two years in a row. Maybe there were different judges???

  4. I do not remember too many Halloweens as a child, just a couple. One year when I was in 6th grade, I dressed up as a man. I wore my Dad’s raincoat and a hat and drew a mustache on my face. That year we went Trick or Treating all over the neighborhood and got tons of candy. When I was in 4th grade I dressed up in a plastic bag that had a gas pump on it. My Dad worked for an oil company and my parents thought is would be clever to dress me and my sisters up as fuel pumps. Many people were very confused by our costumes.

    Also, my Dad’s birthday is on Halloween! We always celebrate with pumpkin pie even to this day. And we too would always watch Charlie Brown. I continued the tradition with my sons when they were little.

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