Kraft Food & Family: Goodbye to a Freebie?

Kraft Food & Family magazineFor years, I’ve enjoyed Kraft Food & Family magazine.  It comes regularly, has easy and yummy recipes, and …  is free.  Yes, free is a big part of its appeal.

So, I was a little surprised when my issue arrived yesterday with an envelope screaming LAST ISSUE.  Huh?  Maybe I need to renew online?

junk mailNo, that’s not it.  Apparently, Kraft is now charging for this magazine (although, as a “preferred subscriber,” I do get the “discount” rate of $6.99 – it’s hard to see how going from free to $6.99 is a discount …).

I’m not sure what would possess Kraft to begin charging for a magazine such as this – while I’m sure it’s not cheap to assemble and mail out, I feel that the advertising (and it is chock full of Kraft ads) and exposure to their brand would have made the costs more than worthwhile.

Anyway, while I’m disappointed to not be receiving Food & Family anymore, I will have to be content knowing that all the recipes will still be available online (even though I confess that I’m not big on surfing the net for recipes).

It also seems a bit odd to me that they would begin sending out the magazine with invoices.  Couldn’t they have enclosed a letter explaining their decision to begin charging?  Perhaps “we’re so sorry, but the realities of the economy have hit us hard …. blah blah blah” – some explanation would have been nice.  As it is, it almost seems as though they’re hoping people will just pull out the bill and pay it without noticing that it used to be free.

Do any of you get Kraft Food & Family?  Any insight on why they decided to stop the free subscriptions?  How do you feel about subscribing – is this something you would pay for?

5 thoughts on “Kraft Food & Family: Goodbye to a Freebie?

  1. For a while, they went online only, and then I got a few more printed copies. I guess they decided that people liked it enough to pay for it. I do like it, but not enough to pay for it!

  2. I think I received one issue, once, a few years ago, and I have no idea how or why.

    While I can understand that it may not be cost effective to send an actual magazine (as opposed to some sort of advertising supplement) for free, I suspect that the “renewal notice” may have been included with the magazine in the hopes that you might forget that you didn’t pay for it in the first place, and just dash off a check . . .

  3. I have received it but I’d guess many issues I never once opened. I won’t miss it. I’ve got so many recipes floating around here now. Good recipes are on every corner if you keep both eyes open.

  4. I received the same notice today and I was shocked! I understand that it is costly to produce and mail, but I’m not going to pay for a giant advertisement for Kraft Foods.

    I get a few good recipes out of it every now and then, but it seems like many of the recipes are for doctored up macaroni and cheese.

    I’ll just go online and get free recipes from here on out!

  5. Found your blog looking for information on why they did this (doesn’t seem to be any out there.) I just got my notice saying I have to start paying, and I definitely won’t be renewing. Sorry, not paying for a giant Kraft ad – I’ll find another recipe magazine to subscribe to. But apparently we got lucky – some got their switchover notice as early as May.

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