Childhood Memories Friday: Birthday Memories

Childhood Memories FridaySince it’s birthday week here, I thought I would write about some birthday memories from growing up.  I remember birthdays as being fun … my mom would always take a photo of me with all my gifts around me.  I can still remember several of those photos.

The first party I remember having was when I was in 2nd grade.  I was never comfortable being the center of attention (then as now), and hated everyone looking at me and singing Happy Birthday.  We even have a movie of one of my parties where everyone is singing to me and I have my face down in my plate, mortified!

My mom usually went all out with games for the parties.  One year I had a pinata, and I remember my mom having a fit that her legs kept being hit as she tried to hold up the pinata while the kids whacked away …

I remember when I turned 16.  I ran to the stairs after getting up in the morning but somehow tripped and fell down half the stairs – not a good beginning.  My mom had invited several friends as a surprise party that night, which did take me by surprise.  Being typical teenagers, the highlight of the party was when we went outside to spy on our womanizing geometry teacher, who lived nearby.  We could have sworn we saw the outline of him kissing a woman through his window … when someone came out to see who was snooping around outside!   We ran home, terrified!

What are some of your birthday memories?

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  1. My birthday is in June – back then, it was right after school was out for the summer, and summer vacation is (apparently) bad for birthday parties. . . at least that’s what my mother always said!

    One year, though, we had used extra snow days, so school ran a bit later int June, and we had a birthday party.

    I say “we” because my sister’s birthday and mine are a day apart – mine is on the 15th (or “debt service day” as we call it in the bond industry!), and hers is the 14th – flag day. We had one GIANT birthday party one year – all the girls from my class for my birthday, and all the girls from my sister’s class for hers. And my mother baked 2 cakes and decorated them as flags. (Get it – flag day? Yeah.)

    I don’t remember much about the actual party except that, even back then, it seemed to me that THAT many girls in one room (finished basement, actually) were TOO many!

  2. I had one birthday party with friends and that happened when I was in first grade. It was a ballerina theme and I loved it. My mom got me a cake with ballerinas on it and my invitations had a ballerina on them too. I invited one boy to my party and he came! I loved my party. All my other parties were with family. I remember one year my Grandma baked my favorite cake…an angel food cake and she iced it with pink frosting. When I turned 16 my mom bought me a beautiful cake at a bakery. We celebrated my birthday up at a cabin in the mountains with some family friends. On the way up to the cabin my sister got car sick and threw up in my lap. LOL

  3. Since my birthday is July 8th, I could never have a school party on the right day either. In second grade my parents both came to school with ice cream bars for the whole class to enjoy. I was really surprised and happy about that!

    In the summer we were often combining wheat on the family farm, so my birthday went practically unnoticed, except for an angel food cake, which was my absolute favorite then. When I was 10 I ate about 6 or 7 pieces of the cake in one sitting and got such a belly ache that I rolled on the floor in pain. That was a very good lesson in not over-eating for sure! The best gift that I ever remember was when I was given $50 to go buy a new swimsuit (probably a Catalina from CA) at Huntington’s fanciest store. That was a huge amount of money for those times, and I’m pretty sure that I spent most of it on a medium sky-blue one piece suit, blue being my favorite color. I must have worn that suit for at least 10 years. I don’t have it anymore, but I still remember it as being my most favorite swimsuit ever! Swimming was always a favorite activity for me along with bike riding, as I have always lived by a pond
    both then and now. Happy memories!

  4. Well, happy, happy day! Hope your birthday way happy! So…if i sing the birthday song, will you hide your face in your plate? 😉

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