Childhood Memories Friday: Second Grade Memories

Childhood Memories FridaySecond grade memories: my second grade teacher was Mrs. Gebhart.  She was the “mean teacher,” and I remember being a little apprehensive about her.  Each day she would write something on the board which we were to copy. One day she had us copy “My teacher is Mrs. Gebhart. I (do, do not) like her.”  We had to choose whether to write “do” or “do not” and I remember wondering whether anyone would write “do not!”

second grade writing

Brian was the naughty boy in class that year.  One day, he was being ornery during reading group and Mrs. Gebhart made him sit on her lap.  I still remember his red face as he sat there!

Jackson School second grade Gebhart

There’s Brian, front row center.  I’m on the back row, next to Mrs. Gebhart.  I loved that zebra jumper!  I remember Keith, my first grade wanna-be boyfriend (front row, right); Karen, the would-be singer (2nd row, left); Missy, the girl who loved horses so much she would even eat grass at recess (2nd row, navy shirt); Trina, my friend and co-founder of our Spooky Spy club (2nd row center); Betty, who hosted the first slumber party I attended (2nd row, 2nd from right); Richard, the class clown (3rd row, 2nd from right – I love how the boy next to him is checking him out).  And more, but that’s enough for now.

Second grade saw my handwriting ravaged by teachers – a theme that continued into third and fourth grades, where I actually received a C on my report card (!) for handwriting!

second grade writingMaybe standards are just changing, but that just doesn’t look so bad to me – and I was a teacher!  Certainly not so awful as to warrant “Messy” written on it!  What do you think?

telling time worksheetSecond grade also marked the introduction of one of school’s most challenging topics for me:  telling time.  As you can see, I was definitely challenged.  I remember we had a book at home about telling time, complete with a clock face with moving hands, and I remember my dad getting so frustrated trying to teach me.  I also remember just not “getting it” – the hour hand basically made sense, but then changing units with the minute hand was really baffling.  How could the minute hand be on “1” but it was 5 minutes after the hour??

See that bottom question?  I can see what I was thinking; there are 25 cents in a quarter, so why not 25 minutes in a quarter hour?  Awww, the struggle to learn something new.  You’ll be happy to know that I finally figured it out.

Related to that sad paper, I remember a classmate, Christina, who used to cut the “U” grade off of papers she did poorly on (back then “U” was the worst grade; we didn’t have “F”) so that her mom wouldn’t see the bad grade.  I always wondered if her mom wouldn’t be able to figure out the Christina didn’t do so well, even without the grade – and besides, wouldn’t the hole in the paper look a little suspicious?

Life is a rough biography.  Memories smooth out the edges.  ~Dante Roque

How about you? Any second grade memories?

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  1. Memories. . .
    Many’s the sixth grader I work with who can tell time only if they have a digital clock.
    Spelling was done away with this fall in sixth grade. (At my school) Students are doing poorly on their vocabulary sheets and there is talk they may just have the student quit doing them, too.
    Is this progress?

  2. Susan, I remember first grade being scary for me. Second grade I had a blessing of a teacher.

    I don’t think your handwriting is that bad. I actually think it’s pretty good. Maybe our teachers weren’t as hard on that as yours were, but my handwriting seemed about the same as yours.


    Sheila 🙂

  3. Good memory you have! I remember that telling time was TOUGH for me too, lol. 🙂

    Also, thank you SO much for commenting on my dolce vita featured post! I truly DO appreciate it!

  4. I do not think your paper is messy at all. In fact it is extremely good writing for a 2nd grader. Your story reminds me of a 4th grade teacher I had. We had cursive handwriting assignments in 4th grade. There was a particular girl in the class that my 4th grade teacher liked and she told that girl in front of the class that her handwriting was so good that she did not have to do anymore handwriting assignments. One of my friends raised her hand and asked the teacher about me. She said that my handwriting was very good too and lots of classmates agreed with her. The teacher glared at us and she said that my handwriting was not good enough and I would have to continue on with my assignments. I was bummed, but thrilled that my classmates thought so much of my writing that they did that for me.

    As for telling time, I struggled with it. I was very confused by it, but once I got the hang of it, it helped me with learning to multiplication.

    I remember wearing jumpers to school. My grandmother sewed mine for me. I especially remember a green one and a red one with flowers on it. I wore the red one in 2nd grade and the green one in 3rd. I remember when I was in 5th grade they finally told us it was okay for girls to wear pants to school.

  5. It was cursive I struggle(d) with. My penmanship “C” came in 5th grade. I was really upset, so I “drew” all my letters for the next grading period, earned an A on my report card, and never worried about it again. I can’t even always read my handwriting. As for telling time, I switched schools – went to the first part of 3rd grade in Indiana and they’d already taught telling time in the last part of 2nd – but in FL they taught it in the first part of 3rd so by the time we moved back for the second part of 3rd, I had missed it here too. So I didn’t learn until my mom taught me over the summer. Maybe that’s why I loved my cuckoo clock so much! I do remember that my 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. Lacy.

  6. Ah.h.h! Second grade. I remember NOT liking my 2nd grade teacher very much, because she played “stupid tricks” on us smart kids! For example, I ALWAYS got an A or A+ for having 100% in Spelling, but my idiot teacher would put an F on my paper just for kicks and then come back around to my seat later on and add the line on the F to make it into an A. The first time that this happened I was absolutely mortified and may even have self-doubted myself for a minute or two, but after a few weeks of this nonsense I didn’t get the least bit excited or bent out of shape about it. I knew that Miss Ramey would correct it sooner or later. What a joke that lady was!!!
    Her name was actually Fairy Ramey, no fooling, so no wonder she was a tad bit weird. And guess what, I learned just a few years ago (like 50 years later or more) that my 2nd grade teacher was Mary Lou Snyder’s aunt. Oops! I hope that I never said anything too bad about her at Roanoke Retired Teachers.
    As for your handwriting, it looks almost identical to mine, and I got at least an A- for it, so you really did get “ripped off” on that. When I learned to write cursive, I could do it perfect…just like the Zaner-Bloser writing book. I was much better at cursive than manuscript for sure. Somehow telling time was never a problem for me. I learned it at home around age 4 or 5 since we did not have kindergarten out in the country where I grew up. Mom seemed to think that I must know how to tell time before I ever went to school, and that was probably a good thing. I hope that you tell your childhood memories about some other elementary years, because I can remember at least one major thing about each year. My second grade teacher was most likely my worst, since I didn’t like her sense of humor and I already knew most of the material anyway!

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