Create Stuffed Creatures

“Where the Wild Things Are” is such a popular children’s book. You can create your own stuffed creatures for your child!

I saw this idea somewhere a year or so ago.  I gave each of the girls crayons and a piece of paper, and asked them to draw a creature of some kind that they liked.  My only rule was that it have no extremely skinny appendages.

Then, I took the girls down to our “fabric stash” in the basement (or you could just go to a fabric store) and asked them to choose a fabric that they thought would bring their creature to life.

I cut around each girl’s drawn creature, adding 1/2″ on each side for seam allowances.  Then this became my pattern, and I used it to cut the creature from fabric and sew the sides together.  The final step was to stuff the creatures and add eyes and other details.

homemade stuffed creaturesVoila!  Personalized stuffed creatures.  The girls still love these, and one asked the other day if we could do that again.


5 thoughts on “Create Stuffed Creatures

  1. If I were making those, I certainly would want to have done the rabbit. Kudos to you for surviving the other two. They had to be very difficult to turn & stuff! I sew and I would know.

  2. What a fun idea (and great way to use some of the various remnants left over from other sewing projects)

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