Cuckoo Clock

I’m continuing with the “Things in my House Thursday” theme, even though Jen hasn’t been around to host it for awhile.

cuckoo clock Germany RothenbergToday, my cuckoo clock – one of my favorite possessions.

In 1983, just after high school graduation, I went to Europe to perform with the Sound of American Band. I had planned to use my hard-earned babysitting money, but my parents ended up paying for me to go as a graduation gift.

It was my first trip to Europe, and was such a great experience!  We toured 6 countries and I absolutely loved it.  It may help to know at this point that, while other kids might have wanted to grow up to be nurses or firemen, I wanted to grow up and go to Europe.  For years afterwards, even after returning to Europe several times, the thought always went through my mind: I have never had a bad day in Europe …

My mom’s relatives are of German heritage, and growing up my mom spent a lot of time on genealogy, so going to Germany was a really big deal to me.  I decided to buy my “main” souvenir there, in the totally charming little medieval village of Rothenberg, a town so quaint you could almost see the Pied Piper skipping through if you squinted your eyes.

I bought a cuckoo clock, after deliberating over the dozens all tick-tocking on the shop wall.  I chose my very favorite one, and I remember having a conversation with the cashier about what I could do if I got home and it wouldn’t work!!  He assured me it would, and indeed it has – and continues to, 26 years later.

It came in a large box, which I carted with me through the rest of the European adventure, since I didn’t want to pay to have it shipped back to the US.

Over the years I have spent more than the purchase price on repairs and tune-ups, but it’s worth it.  It’s a lovely reminder of summer experience to remember forever …

6 thoughts on “Cuckoo Clock

  1. I love your cuckoo clock. It is not an ordinary one – it is a spectacular one with the way they perform every 15 minutes! Their sound is a happy way to mark the time of your life!

  2. How beautiful! Loved the story and romance of how you got it, and where. Once again we have lots in common. I am of German ancestry, and I love cuckoo clocks. When I turned 9, the only thing I wanted was a cuckoo clock, and my stepfather got one for me. I remember how much I loved hearing it in the middle of the night, like a friend. A few years ago I was reminiscing about it, and my husband searched high and low to find an authentic one from the Black Forest to buy me for Christmas! I love it as much as the original.

  3. Just wanted to let you know I put you as a favorite on Associated Content. I’ve been busily submitting and so far they’ve accepted everything. Great fun! Thanks for the tip.

  4. This brings back memories of my trip through Europe on my way back from Africa. I, too, bought a cuckoo clock. Unlike yours, mine sits in a box in my basement because it quit working in Africa. I need to drag it out and have it repaired.

  5. What a treasure. It reminds me of the one in ‘Out Of Africa’…one of my favorite parts of the movie is when all the african children are awaiting it to cuckoo. Then they all giggle with amazement.

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