Peel Tomatoes – Fast and Easy

Peel Tomatoes – Fast and Easy

If you, like me, have tons of tomatoes, you know that peeling them can take a lot of time. Here’s a tip to peel tomatoes more quickly:

score tomatoUse a paring knife to cut a shallow X in the center bottom of the tomato.

tomatoes boiling waterPut the tomatoes into boiling water for 1 minute.

tomatoes in iceImmediately after taking them out of the boiling water, put them into ice water for a minute or so.

peel tomatoesSee how the skin just peels off?  Nice and easy!

I use this method whenever I’m preparing tomatoes to freeze, or even when I am using lots of tomatoes for a recipe I’m making.


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  1. I guess I learned something this morning. I never cut the X in mine. But I know about putting them in boiling water & then ice water. The skins come off easily. I am sure you are not welcoming frost because it will mean the end of the garden for 2009.

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