Childhood Memories Friday: Funnies

Childhood Memories FridayIn looking through my Wee Me baby book recently, I came across some “funnies” my mom attributed to me:

My dad told me on 1-14-68 that a new sister had arrived.  I commented, “Babies just BUG me!”

About my grandparents’ fire which destroyed their house: “They had lived there a long time anyway and I got sick of going to the same house all the time anyway!”

When my mom won a car (more on that another week):  “A watch is fine and a pearl necklace is nice, but a CAR!” (she had previously won a watch and a necklace).

On Santa Claus, who smokes a pipe:  “He’s going to get cancer!”

These are fun to read, because even now I can totally see myself saying – or at least thinking – a lot of those things … dry sense of humor and practical, that’s me 🙂

What are some funny things you said as a child?

3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Funnies

  1. It’s a good thing your grandparents never knew what you said about their house fire! I don’t think they would have seen it in the same light as you did.

  2. I used to get myself in trouble alot trying to make rhymes. I was told I was quite funny when I was a child. I know everyone used to laugh at me all the time and it made me mad. But then if I tried to be funny, no one laughed. Sigh. My stepdad still laughs about the time I wanted to put a commode around my sand castle. I meant moat, of course. And I remember my stepdad being all romantic with my Mom and he said something about “Where have you been all my life,” and I piped up with, “She’s been in the bathroom.” Killed the moment.

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