West Central Fun

Last weekend was fun — West Central fun, that is.  My youngest daughter and I were hosts at my friend Rose Aimee’s bed and breakfast in the West Central neighborhood of our town.  We were in zee Hollywood Suite (you have to read it with a French accent; Rose Aimee is French).

LaSalle Bed & BreakfastThe house was built in 1901, and has a lot of character and charm.

LaSalle Bed & BreakfastWould you like a brochure? (she tried saying this in a British accent, because, to her, all accents are British).

I was supposed to wear a “beautiful dress” (Rose Aimee’s words) too, but could only get the zipper halfway up.  Later I found out it was Rose Aimee’s daughter’s wedding dress.  But despite that less-than-auspicious beginning, it was a good afternoon.

The next day, two of the girls and I returned to visit more houses on the West Central neighborhood tour.  West Central is a historic district full of houses built around 1900.  I love the details of these places – the woodwork, the glass.  One of the houses was home to Carole Lombard, famous ’30s actress who starred with Jimmy Stewart and Clark Gable among others.

I intended to bring my camera, but forgot it.  Thankfully, my oldest daughter brought hers.  She has a good eye for composition:

West Central tour Fort Wayne

West Central tour Fort Wayne

West Central tour Fort Wayne

West Central tour Fort Wayne

West Central tour Fort WayneWouldn’t you love to hear the stories these places could tell?  I would love to live in a house like one of these, but 1) I lack any ability to re-do one, and 2) I know that older houses present many challenges in upkeep, heating, etc.  Anyway, they are wonderful to visit …

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  1. Sophie looks so beautiful – like a real live fairy! Her dress is elegant! I’ll bet she didn’t have any zipper issues…

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