Cross Stitch Your Child’s Artwork

Today’s tip isn’t fast – in fact, it’s something that will take you quite a while.  But it’s a project I’m working on for each of my girls, and I think it’s a wonderful keepsake.  Cross stitch your child’s artwork: make a cross stitch of art your child has done.

First,  run off a graph paper template.  I choose 11 lines per inch on mine.

Then, take the graph paper template to a copy store and have a copy made on a transparency (plastic sheet) so it’s clear.

graph paper template(I put it over a sheet of paper in this photo just so it would show up).

Then, put it over a picture your child has drawn:

creating cross stitchTape the grid on so it won’t slip, and be sure it’s lined up straight.  Then, have a color copy made of the picture with the grid over it.  This will be your pattern.

Go to a store (or to your stash of embroidery floss) and choose colors to match the colors in the picture.  Then, just cross stitch the picture as you would any other pattern.

creating cross stitchTa da!  When choosing the aida cloth to cross stitch on, you’ll have different sizes of square to choose from.  Just make a math problem out of it to determine which size you use – the more squares per inch, the smaller your finished product and vice versa.  This is a picture my middle daughter made; my next project is my youngest daughter’s.

cross stitch your child's artworkHere’s my oldest daughter’s, totally done – she made it into a pillow.

I love children’s artwork, and I love this project as a way to remember it!


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  1. What an incredible idea! I love it!

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