Labor Day Weekend Fun

A beautiful Labor Day weekend with perfect weather – in the 70s, and is that some leaves beginning to turn?

Auburn Cord Duesenberg FestivalOff to the house of a teacher we know and love (former teacher of daughter 1, current teacher of daughter 2).

IMG_6397Daughter 3 was afraid of her two big dogs, and opted for the other side of the fence for much of the afternoon:

IMG_5519The other girls loved the dogs:

IMG_5504IMG_5512All kinds of goodies served from her kitchen (I love the house; it was built around 1860):

IMG_5509Oh, and the real reason we were there – a car parade:

Auburn Cord Duesenberg FestivalAuburn Cord Duesenberg FestivalAuburn Cord Duesenberg Festival

So, a lovely weekend.  I hope yours was as well?

4 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Fun

  1. I am happy you had such a nice weekend! Her home looks very interesting. I hope she has a cleaning lady. Imagine keeping those kitchen shelves neat & tidy!

  2. Very cool. I sympathize with your one daughter, I was TERRIFIED of dogs when I was little. We made it to the beach right at sunset this weekend, and saw a dolphin too. Works for me!

  3. Mine was anything but exciting! Recovering from an infection in my operated knee, alone in my home… You get the picture, I guess.

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