Homemade Apple Butter

buggy apples for homemade apple butterWhat to do with apples from your apple tree — or maybe your neighbor’s?  On the positive side, they’re totally organic.  On the negative side, they’re … a bit buggy.

But they’re perfect for making homemade apple butter.  My girls’ first grade teacher makes homemade apple butter with the class each year, and except for all the time it takes to cut up the apples, it’s really easy to do:

Fill your crock pot with cut up apples (the recipe actually says 3 lb, but I always just fill it to the top)

Add 2 cups sugar and 4 teaspoons cinnamon; cook on high 4 hours.

It’s wonderful on fresh bread.  The apples fall apart during cooking, and you can also mash them up more with a potato masher if you like.

There you have it: Homemade Apple Butter — Yum!

Another delicious and easy complement to your bread: homemade strawberry freezer jam.

6 thoughts on “Homemade Apple Butter

  1. Double yum! Those look like they could be from the apple tree my uncle had when i was a child. His little, fat mare would try to rub me off against the trunk or knock me off with a low branch when she thought I’d ridden long enough. Can’t really say I blame her since I never, ever thought I’d ridden long enough.

  2. Most people would look at those apples and not bother to bend over and pick one up. Life is what you make it. I glory in your spunk. What you have in your hand can be a stick or a golden wand. It’s what you do with what you’ve got that makes the difference.

  3. That seems like alot of sugar, Has anyone made this without sugar? I can not have sugar, and wouldnt want to use that much fake stuff. thanks

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