A Room A Month

How about a method for cleaning that doesn’t overdo it? I call it “a room a month.”

A Room A Month is great for someone (like me) who hates cleaning.  I do know some people who actually enjoy cleaning, but those people are not me.  My urges to clean usually come when someone is at my house and I am talking to them, and notice that the table behind them looks really dusty … or there’s a big hair/dust ball on the floor in the corner.  Yikes! Time to clean.

Anyway, my plan (actually an idea borrowed from my mom) will ensure that each room of the house is cleaned well once each year. For people like me, that’s good! Martha Stewart-types may want to skip over to another blog at this point.

I make a chart and write a different room in for each month.  January is my bedroom, February is the bathrooms, March is the foyer, etc.  I always take it easy on myself in December and don’t schedule any room for that month.  Then, any day of the month when I have a few free minutes, I concentrate on that room:  taking down the ivy on the cabinets and washing it, dusting the tops on cabinets, washing windows, vacuuming along the edges of a closet after totally emptying it out, etc.  By the end of the month, the entire room for the month should have been cleaned well.

What’s an organizing tip that works well for you?

6 thoughts on “A Room A Month

  1. My room of the month to clean for September is the family room. This morning, prior to my 5:45 AM walk, I drug out the washstand, vacuumed behind it well and cleaned the woodwork. I do NOT like the work involved but the end justifies the means. There is NOTHING as rewarding as settling down in a very clean room!

  2. I really need to organize my bedroom. It has gotten too cluttered and I can no longer put my treadmill down.

    First clean my room and then get back on the treadmill!

  3. OK, I have to say…I LOVE THIS IDEA!! Yes, I’m finally feeling excited about cleaning, lol. I don’t like cleaning either. But this idea would really work for us! Thank you so much.

  4. This is a fantastic idea!!! I HATE to clean and am always feeling the pressure. Your system takes the pressure off. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. It’s me again. Something else you will love about thoroughly cleaning each room – I can guarantee you that you will find items you have been looking for…

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