Childhood Memories Friday: College Living

Childhood Memories FridayFollowing our back to school theme of late, I’m thinking of all the kids moving back to college.  Moving to college was a big deal.  I went to Indiana University, about an hour away from home, and I remember loading up a lot of my stuff each August for my dad to haul to school.

College Living

IU Willkie North IU dorm

My freshman year, I lived at Willkie.  The above is a familiar sight: Willkie North, where the girls lived (guys were in Willkie South).  I hate to say I can’t even remember which floor I lived on, but it was high – maybe 11?  That was a lot of trips up and down the elevator with stuff.  I remember deciding I would always take the steps as a way to combat the dreaded “freshman 15” (I think it worked, because I don’t remember gaining weight in college – but a lot of that was probably due to the amount of walking done on such a big campus).

Forest IU dormSophomore year, I moved to nearby Forest dorm.  It was just for girls, which I hoped would eliminate a few problems from the previous year.  There were two wings; I lived on this left one, although again I can’t remember the floor.  I had a single room which I loved. One interesting thing about dorm rooms … two rooms would share a phone.  There was a box between the two rooms, and when the phone rang, whoever was home would answer it.  If it was for someone in the other room, you’d just knock on their wall or call out for them.  It sounds so spartan now, with so many people having cell phones (which were unknown at that time).

Rose Bowl apartments IUJunior year, I took the plunge and moved off-campus.  It was a great way to save money!  Think how much cheaper it would be to buy food than to eat in the dorm (the reality:  I always enjoyed dorm food, and found living off-campus actually  meant a year of boring sandwiches and Campbell’s soup).

These apartments, at 415 South Dunn, still exist, and are called the “Rose Bowl.”  The name sounds better than the reality:  we rented a one-bedroom efficiency unit for $200 a month (I got the bedroom one semester; she had it the other).  The bathroom was so small that it was difficult to turn around in there on a fat day.

Senior year, I returned to Forest. My sister was coming to IU, and I had just one semester to finish.  We roomed together with no drama, to my great relief, and I was off to explore the wonders of Birmingham, Alabama.

Any exciting/awful/wonderful college living stories you can share?

5 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: College Living

  1. I don’t have any good college stories – I went back to school as an “adult student,” lived at home with hubby and then-small and not-so-surly Surly Boy . . . *yawn*

  2. I had some roommate adventures in nursing school. When I later went to a Christian college, my memories of roommates are all positive there. I loved it! They were some of the best years of my life!

  3. I only went to jr. college, but have many good memories. My first year of college is when I gave my life to the Lord. I got a job as a typist for one of the instructors on campus who got me involved in the campus Christian club. He was the club leader. He was also a pastor and he baptized me at his church. I met my husband in the club and many other friends. College was one of the best times in my life.

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