Jungle In My Pocket

My girls have all kinds of cute little toys they play with.  Lately they have been playing with these little animals.  Some are called Puppy in my Pocket, others are called Jungle in my Pocket.  Whatever they’re called, they’re cute – I think they’re cuter than the similar Littlest Pet Shop toys.

Jungle in My PocketThe girls were playing with them outside (“in the jungle!”)  yesterday and I took a picture.  Notice how Caroline even put in all the names for you 🙂

If you have kids in your life, they would probably enjoy a new website where you can play with the animals online, called Pocketville.  Create an account, and where it asks for a code enter B9GX8NUDYS for 250 tokens that they can use for pet food, etc.  The girls have tried this and enjoyed it.


5 thoughts on “Jungle In My Pocket

  1. My friends’ daughters love toys like these. I’ll have to tell her about them!

    Thank you, Caroline, for putting in the name for us. :o) That was very thoughtful!

  2. Emily and Madeline thoroughly enjoyed you and Caroline posting about these animals. They prefer Littlest Pet Shop animals but since this came up this week, they’ve got these kind out and it has resparked their enthusiasm for them!

  3. I would have loved these when I was young.

    I continue to be impressed with Caroline’s computer skills!!

  4. i love to visit pet shops because i love to see cute little puppies;-,

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