Childhood Memories Friday: The Kissing Angel

childhoodmemoriessummerChildhood memories: like most kids, I loved recess.  I remember happy hours spent sitting with friends in fields of clover, looking for those elusive 4-leaf ones and weaving halos and necklaces.

I remember dubbing the boys “the quicksand monsters,” screaming and running as they chased after us girls.  They stopped their chasing when we planned recess weddings.  When one of these was planned, I sometimes took it so seriously that I made paper flowers at home the night before.  We girls would attach a toilet paper veil to the bride’s head, give her some paper flowers, and then attempt – often unsuccessfully – to catch a groom.

In one clear memory, the joy of recess must have caused me to shed my normally shy demeanor, because one day in first grade I christened myself “the kissing angel” and began roaming the playground, kissing everyone I encountered.

Apparently some of the kids weren’t so enamored of my new identity, because someone told on me and I was soon face to belly button with the imposing teacher on duty that day.

“Are you going around kissing people?” she demanded?



“I’m the kissing angel …”  When said out loud, it lost a lot of its charm.

“You can’t just do that.  Go stand on the wall.”

I still remember my embarrassment as I stood by the wall as the other kids walked by into the school.

Memory is a child walking along a seashore.  You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things.

~Pierce Harris, Atlanta Journal

4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: The Kissing Angel

  1. I can’t believe you became the kissing angel. How unlike you, Susan! It must have been fun while it lasted.

  2. Oh boy, elementary school memories. I would have been standing on that wall every day. Me and the principal were almost friends I saw him so much. HA My mom was actually scared of what my teen years would look like. Thankfully I changed and my rebellious years were left behind.

  3. I liked when you talked about looking for 4-leaf clovers. I used to do that too. I remember playing on the monkey bars, loved doing that. There was the ladder kind and we would hang upside down and crawl on top. Then there were the rings and we would sit in the big ring and then hang upside down. I remember building up my hands with callouses, first though we had to go through the blister stage. Ugh!

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