4-H Charm Bracelet

Continuing on with our 4-H theme this July (my apologies if you were never in or never heard of 4-H) – my Indiana State Fair 4-H charm bracelet:

4-H charm bracelet IndianaIt represents a lot of 4-H memories for me.  When I was in 4-H, each time you had a project go to State Fair, you got a charm.  Didn’t it work out great that my charms just happened to fill up the bracelet perfectly?

I earned my first charm in my fourth year of 4-H.  And guess what?  This is my oldest daughter’s fourth year, and she gets to take something to the state fair for the first time as well.  Very neat!

Unfortunately, I don’t think the state fair has continued the charm-giving tradition.  I guess we’ll find out.  And, I really don’t wear this bracelet much.  As you can imagine, it’s pretty noisy.  But each year I do dust it off to wear a time or two to the fair, where it’s quite a conversation piece.


5 thoughts on “4-H Charm Bracelet

  1. If you know the ropes in 4-H, that filled bracelet makes quite a statement!

  2. I’ve never before heard of a 4-H charm bracelet even though I was in 4-H as a girl. I continue to learn new things by reading your blog.

  3. How cool is that? I always, always, ALWAYS wanted to participate in 4-H as a kid but we lived too far away.

    I totally want my son to do it. He wants to show our bunnies when he gets big enough.


  4. I am looking for 4H charms for my daughter. Do you know where I can find any? She went to state this year.

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