Bent Wing

One of the caterpillars we collected has hatched!

The bad news is, the tip of one of her wings is folded over a bit:

black swallowtail butterfly bent wingYou wouldn’t think this would matter, but as we learned with a previously-hatched butterfly, she is unable to fly more than a few inches.

So – we have been keeping her in our little flower garden out front, and you could call her our “pet butterfly.”

pet butterflyblack swallowtail butterfly bent wingblack swallowtail butterfly bent wingblack swallowtail butterfly bent wingShe climbs onto our hands, we bring her in and out of the house.  We love her!  I think there’s a lesson here about our dependence on God, or the positive role “special needs” kids play in our world, or maybe both.

Enjoy your day, regardless of any “bent wings” you may encounter.  They may slow down your journey, but maybe that’s a good thing …

8 thoughts on “Bent Wing

  1. Each of us can look at ourself and understand imperfection. How neat this butterfly lives in your little corner of the world.

  2. Susan, that is so sweet it makes me want to cry!

    I am supposed to be doing things in the house, but I wanted to stop by here and see if you’d posted. Boy, I’m glad I did. Loved reading this. It reminds me that God looks on us with eyes of love and is there when we need Him the most. I kind of feel like that butterfly with the bent wing the last few weeks, but I know that God is looking after me.


    Sheila 🙂

  3. Your application of this truth is wonderful. Often when I’m calling on the Lord for the strength to overcome a sin I’ve confessed hundreds of times before, I remind Him that I’m one of His children with special needs, asking Him to take special care of me because of my unusual needs. I know He does that very thing.

  4. That is a gorgeous butterfly, bent-wing and all. What great photos to go with such a lovely post.

  5. What a sweet and blessed story! Reminds me my little bird. He still comes by for goodies. Sometimes he stays for a bit to take a nap.

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