Childhood Memories Friday: 4-H Memories

childhoodmemoriessummerThis week things have been busy at our place with the girls finishing up their 4-H projects.  I thought today would be a great time to reminisce about my ten years in 4-H.

I think 4-H is such a great program.  I was able to get so much out of it – a scholarship (well, I think I ended up with a scholarship from it), a trip to 4-H National Congress in Chicago, a 4-H trip to Washington DC, numerous trips to Purdue to be in the 4-H band during Roundup, winning a sewing machine one year, and gazillions of ribbons.  All this and I’m not even mentioning the skills I learned through my projects:  cooking, sewing, child development, crafts, you name it.

I remember the annual Share The Fun drama event, where our club put together some type of skit.  Particularly memorable was the time Kathy and I had to dress as soldiers and hobble across stage with a flag in a reenactment of the famous Iwo Jima scene.  I remember feeling ridiculous, and I’m sure the effect wasn’t quite the moving spectacle it was meant to be.

My 4-H memories include a period where I became so interested in forestry that I felt compelled to label trees as we drove by them … my devotion to my childcare project notebook was exceeded only by my devotion to Jennifer Green, a little girl at church who I was thrilled to babysit for the project.

This past Monday night when the girls were anxiously awaiting their foods judging, I told them that although I’d gotten many blue ribbons, the ones I most remembered were the reds:  the year I made banana bread and it was too mushy (was the banana too big?  horrors!), my year in geology where I confused shale and slate, and my childcare project where I made a crib mobile with button eyes on the elephants and the judge feared a baby would pull them off (those darn judges!  Didn’t they read in my notebook that I had specifically thought of that and therefore had carefully and thoroughly sewn them on?  Guess not … oh well, all three of my girls used and loved the mobile).

Were you in 4-H?  If so, what do you remember about it?

4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: 4-H Memories

  1. I’m thankful for your sake that the girls have finished their projects. My most memorable year was the year I had to make a formal or semi-formal dress! Saints preserve us! No wonder I gave up sewing soon after that!

  2. I was in the Dutch Daughters 4-H Club. Our meetings were held at Holland School. My leaders were Marjorie Wade and Mrs. Abshire. Our family never went to the fair until I was in 4-H. I remember running from the car to the shelterhouse to see what color ribbons hung on MY items. My ribbon colors varied, too. When I started sewing, I don’t think we even knew you were to press seams open. Once I made a pair of pot holders. First I ironed the imprint on plain white fabric, so I could embroidery the pattern. I envisioned the pair of pot holders landing at the State Fair. Imagine my chagrin when at the county fair, they were awarded a white ribbon. We learned a lot! As an adult, a friend told me, “4-H is one government program I have never heard critized!”

  3. Susan,
    I enjoyed reading your blog about 4-H so much. I don’t remember your skit but I know you gained so much knowledge and experience by being in 4-H.
    Kathy still remembers when she made her formal out of eyelet and I made her take the zipper out 3 times but she wore it for several years afterwards and won a ribbon at the State Fair. She is a neater seamstress than I am now when she decides to sew. I went to State Fair School when I was in 4-H a hundred years ago and Ma and Pa Kettle were there. I also won a Betty Crocker baking set when I made an angel foor cake to take to the state fair; of course we had to beat the egg whites with a hand beater so it was a labor love. I am so glad that you can help your girls enjoy 4-H too. Kathy knitted a shawl out of cream colored wool and worked on it for 2 years and took it apart a few times but finally finished it so I am taking it to the fair for her. I don’t have anything to take this year but I do belong to the quilt club so I am making quilts and I work at Pregnancy Care Center and Provisions so that keeps me busy. Summer is going much too rapidly to suit me. Love to you.

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