Barbie Wedding


Today, I share with you a Barbie Wedding, which took place on the landing of the stairs in the foyer:

Barbie weddingAll the Barbies and other similar-sized dolls attended.  You may notice that Jesus is officiating (he’s standing in front of the stage facing the couple).  He actually says Bible verses when you push a button in His back, which is kind of cool.

And please don’t look too closely at the bride, as I’m afraid her dress is a little risque (same goes for the bridesmaid — yikes!).

I remember the fun of Barbie weddings from my own childhood, so it’s fun to see that some things never change. How many Barbie weddings has your household seen?


7 thoughts on “Barbie Wedding

  1. Gee if Jesus performed the ceremony, SURELY the vows will stick! Keep me posted.

  2. I remember those days of playing with Barbies! Glad to see the girls using their imagination in playing.


  3. Thanks for the peak in to raising girls! It’s different with boys… more GI Joes and they are fighters, not lovers… (the GI Joes I mean – the boys were actually secretly very sweet… shhhhh)

  4. This could’ve been me….. I loved my Barbies and dreamed up elaborate schemes and events for them.

    It was sad for me that neither of my two girls ever cared about dolls – except for Jessica’s short-lived cabbage patch phase and for Mary’s short-lived Polly Pocket stage.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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