Sunrise, Sunset

This weekend we got to attend a wedding.  It was a lot of fun, because I got to know the bride when she was in my third grade classroom back when I was teaching.

Here she is on the left, in the classroom rain forest we made:

classroom rainforestAnd here she is, on the left again, with me at my wedding:

IMG_2397(I have to also mention the boy standing next to her, whose mom told me he wanted to get me “a little something from Victoria’s Secret” for Christmas that year – you’ll be pleased to know he chose a bottle of lotion 🙂 ).  It was such a good year teaching that group of kids!

Lindsay and her mom came to visit when my oldest daughter was born, and gave her the neatest set of Beatrix Potter books and toys which she still has.  She is finishing up now to be a pharmacist, and it was really special to be remembered as her favorite teacher.

lindsay drew wedding 2009 mom reception embassy hotel (4)Congrats, Lindsay and Drew!

4 thoughts on “Sunrise, Sunset

  1. It is wonderful to hear of a couple that have a happy ending.

  2. How very cool! What a lovely young lady she grew up to be. Did you show the video of her being a rain forest monkey at her wedding, lol?

  3. Wow I can’t wait til that stuff happens to me. Talk about full circle!


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