Dance Recital

It is dance recital season here.

Yes, I have just sat through 2.5 hours of solid dance entertainment, all to see two of my children perform for approximately 6 minutes total. The things we parents do!

The dance studio the girls take at is nothing special – really I would call it “white trash” (and I say that lovingly, since I send my own kids there :)).  What I mean is that they emphasize glitz over technic, use popular music, etc.

You can take ballet, tap, lyrical, jazz, hip hop (gulp), and the like. The kids spend most of the year preparing a dance for this gargantuan end-of-year recital, and you shell out another $75 or so for the costume to be worn once, and another $8 per ticket for the privilege of attending the recital.

If I sound a little too negative-nellyish, it’s probably because I am spoiled. A few years back, I had a job accompanying classes at the local “real” ballet studio. It was my dream job – playing classical music while talented kids performed. Half of the teachers were from Europe, so it was even kind of like a vicarious vacation. Although I had played and accompanied for years, playing for ballet classes was very different. The teacher would call out “plie,” “tendue,” or whatever exercise the class was about to do, and then I would be expected to pull out some appropriate music. So, I learned a little French as well.

Anyway, I would have kept the job forever, but the hours were not good for a mom with young kids at home. But the fond memories remained, both of the music and of the skill level. It’s just hard to go from Tchaikovsky … to this:
dance recitalThere sure was a lot of hip hop-type dancing, and I swear if my kids ever express an interest in that, it just might send me over the edge.

You know, when I was a child I remember watching similar dance performances and longing to be one of those girls in the sparkly costumes.  But, I was fat, and we were Baptist – and while dancing might not have quite been a sin, it was skating darn close to the line.

dance recital finaleAbove, the whole group at the end:  whaddaya wanna bet – $30,000 worth of costumes?  It was a veritable Hannah Montana love fest.

My own personal stars of the show:

dance recital flowersDaughter #3, with a friend.

dance recitalDaughter #2, with her teacher.

5 thoughts on “Dance Recital

  1. Gargantuan, even… Wow!
    I appreciate the fact you put your calling as a mother above your love of the job! I wish more mother’s had their ducks lined up half as well. There would be less messed up kids.

  2. Wow, the costume prices have sure skyrocketed! Of course it was (gulp) 42 years ago, but when I was in my one and only dance recital for tap, either my Mom or another mother made the costume(s). Those were the days! And they didn’t pay for the recital, either.

  3. Susan – you crack me up!! (gulp!) Your daughter’s teacher is beautiful, I totally hate her, jk. Since my daughter doesn’t dance like this (she’s a ball player) I’m amazed at the prices and the Hannah Montana LoveFest. Since you know a little French, why don’t we parlez Francais? :)

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