Childhood Memories Friday: Apocalypse NOW

childhoodmemoriessummerOur current preacher sometimes tells how as a child, his daughter would worry that Jesus would return and she wouldn’t get the chance to grow up, get married, and have kids.

I know how she felt.  Growing up, it seemed Dr. Silver preached at least 50% of the Sunday Night Sermons on the second coming.  I don’t know whether this was a passion of his, or whether he thought Jesus’ return was imminent, but the end times were a big part of my growing up.

One prophecy Dr. Silver frequently mentioned was that in the end times, the moon would turn blood-red.  I swear, when I’d walk out to the car after the service, I bet half the time or more I’d see a full moon staring down ominously at me – blood red!  It was enough to make me wonder whether it was even worth brushing my teeth that night.

So intrigued was I with all this end-times talk that I felt compelled to do a little “preaching” to my younger sister.  I’d guess I was around 10 and she would have been 7.  I suppose my teaching wasn’t very encouraging to her, because she quickly began crying and ran downstairs to my dad.

My dad was an elementary school principal, and “good ole boy” who was and is generally easy-going.  But he wasn’t too happy with my preaching and told me to stop scaring my sister, “because everybody who likes Jesus is going to be okay!”

Well.  I wanted to debate him on that, but I could just sense that he wasn’t up for a discussion on eschatology.

So my preaching stopped, but I continued to learn more and more about the beast, the dragon with all the heads and crowns, the pregnant woman whose baby was about to be devoured, and maybe most of all the lukewarm church of Laodicea.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that God was about to spew those lukewarm Laodiceans out of his mouth – what an image.


8 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Apocalypse NOW

  1. Now you know I love it! Very amusing you preached to your little sister. I have a comment in one of my yearbooks from a fellow choir member who said “I preached to a lot of people…Praise the Lord!” How funny when I think I did that because I do the same thing, still, only with a little more intensity. Hopefully a little more love too.

    Something is coming. I can feel it. Is it ‘the end times”? We shall see. I think it’s a relevant message always but only if you ‘have ears to hear it’.

    Great memory from my kindred spirit!

  2. You not only preached to your younger sister. I remember you in the backyard preaching to our neighbor, Kathy! You REALLY got into it, too!

  3. What an interesting post! I thought I knew quite a bit about you, but I’m learning all kinds of things by reading your blog. I look forward to it five days a week. I’m sorry you don’t post on the weekend. This one really kept my attention.

  4. The end times will be something won’t it? I’m not sure I want to be here for that or not. Leading up to it and all that would happen. I did giggle at you scaring your sister. I can only imagine how your young mind retold the preacher’s story and then how her young mind received it!! Does your sister remember you doing that?

  5. I remember that so many of the sermons I heard as a child were “scary” – to the point of thinking that it really was just unpleasant and sad to be a Christian……. blessedly I am still learning about joy and peace and hope.

    I was never a junior preacher, though! That’s funny, 🙂

  6. I was also concerned that He would come back too soon for me to grow up. I used to pray, “Lord, come quickly – but first please let me grow up, marry an amazing man and have sons.” Graciously, He did allow that! Now that my son is about to be married, I’m thinking grandchildren would also be nice. Which is probably why He refused to tell any of us exactly when He would be coming back. I guess it really isn’t something that can be decided by committee, lol!

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