Childhood Memories Friday: Baptism Blooper

childhoodmemoriessummerLast week in Childhood Memories Friday, I wrote about my own baptism.  My oldest daughter was reading the entry, and she was disappointed that I hadn’t told about the “baptism blooper” I remember from my childhood.

Usually, it was mainly kids being baptized, but there were sometimes adults as well.  I remember feeling some sympathy for the preacher at times like that, especially when the adult being baptized was of the large variety.  Pulling 200+ pounds of wet adult out of the water?  Not easy for anyone.  And hey, he’s a preacher, not a bodybuilder.

On the night I recall, a large man was being baptized.  He leaned back into the water, but his feet slipped up, creating a tidal wave in the baptismal pool which splashed over the edge.  I think it’s safe to say the entire back row of the choir had their hairdos ruined.

I can’t remember the man’s name or what happened afterwards, but I’m sure he will never forget the day he was baptized!

Have you witnessed (sorry, pun not intended) any baptism bloopers? What happened? I’m sure it makes no difference to God, but it’s fun to discuss.


4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Baptism Blooper

  1. I must have missed that one. Or maybe it was such a painful memory that I “blocked it.”

  2. So has the garage sale been a booming success? I’m praying that it has.

  3. Poor thing, that’s not why you want your baptism to be memorable! Makes me think of a story about a large girl being baptized in the river back when they made slips out of flour sacks. The preacher could NOT get her under! He finally did, but when she came out of the water with her wet baptismal gown, everyone could see printed across her rear from the flour sack underneath, the words “Self Rising”!!!

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