Birthday Parties at Home

Are you shocked at the high cost of throwing a birthday party? Consider having birthday parties at home.

When my girls began being invited to birthday parties, one thing that struck me was that the parties NEVER seemed to be at home.  They were at Chuck E Cheese, Michael’s Crafts, the roller dome, putt-putt golf, you name it – anywhere but home.

I checked in to parties at some of these locales.  Their main similarity was expense.  I thought, do I really need to spend a couple hundred dollars for an “event” party that will be over within a couple of hours?  So, I decided to try parties at home.

I start with a theme, basically whatever my child is interested in at the time.  One party that was a lot of fun was a Fairy Garden. This party required nothing that you can’t find either in your house already or at garage sales or a dollar store.

Another popular party was a stuffed animal theme.

General tips would be to use online resources.  Just search for your theme and you’ll find cakes, games, crafts … you name it.

The trade-off for doing a party at home is that although you’ll save money, you will probably spend more time.  However, if you’re willing and able to do this, I think you’ll be pleased with the result.

I remember at the end of one of our “home parties,” one guest said to me, “I didn’t think this party would be very fun, but IT WAS!”

Feel free to share your best party ideas in the comments.  Happy Birthday!!

stuffed animal birthday party

Making pet blankets at a stuffed animal party.

8 thoughts on “Birthday Parties at Home

  1. It’s best to have your little one’s birthday parties in your own home.

  2. I always loved the simple home parties my mom threw for me growing up, with fun games and sometimes slumber parties. I agree that park parties can be good, too. I think the kids enjoy the simpler ones at least as much as the expensive ones. I always did.

  3. I think parties at home are the best kind. I have fond memories of those as a kid. It’s more personal and the kids interact more than running wild at Chuck E Cheese. Good for you. These are parties your girls will remember for a long time.

  4. I love at home parties too!! Although when the kids are still little enough that the parents come, I rent an inexpensive party room here in town so we’ll have enough space. This year my 5 yr old daughter had a dinosaur party and my almost 13 yr. old will have a fashion show party tomorrow! I love spending the time talking with my daughters about what they love and working with them to make and collect the items needed for their party, SO much more rewarding than just “being there” at a party at CEC, etc.!

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