Foyer Corner

Recently, I showed you my LONG foyer curtains.  I’ve also showed you our grand piano, which is one one side of our foyer.  Now, the other foyer corner:

foyer cornerFor a long time, the area was basically empty.  The foyer is a large space, and it was hard for me to know what to put there.  Then, we found the table.  Good, but still a bit empty.

Then, last summer our favorite neighbors moved.  The chair, pedestal, and floral arrangement were in their house and would not work at the place they were moving.  They thought they would look great in our house, and asked if we would like them.

SURE!  The colors of the chair are perfect, and the floral arrangement is just the scale needed here.  It’s a nice reminder of good friends whenever I see the corner.


5 thoughts on “Foyer Corner

  1. How perfect! A nice reminder of good friends, but also a great spot for someone to sit and enjoy the piano player, 🙂

    Thanks for being part of TIMHT!

  2. That was so nice of them! And they are right, they look perfect in your home. Very nice spot!


  3. I wondered why I didn’t recognize that chair when I saw pictures of daughter #3’s birthday cake. Sorry I missed her birthday. I agree that it definitely adds something to the foyer.

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