Sarah Palin: More Sinned Against Than Sinning

Sarah Palin – what a year she’s had.

I was thrilled to learn about Palin when she was first chosen as McCain’s VP.  She was a breath of fresh air:  a non-stuffy woman who espoused conservative values.  She was pro-life but not dowdy.  She took on her state’s establishment to fight for smaller government, all while raising five kids.  She was a dynamic speaker who didn’t tempt me to nod off.

I took my daughters to a local rally where Palin appeared.  She was charismatic and relatable, and it was wonderful for my girls to see a woman who had risen so high in our male-dominated system.

In short, Sarah Palin seemed too good to be true.

The media decided she was.  Within days of her appointment, they began tearing her apart, a la Dan Quayle.  Myth after myth was written about her, and although they’ve largely been discredited, the memories linger.

Why all this vitriol towards Palin?

My take is that since she didn’t fit the media’s template of what a woman politician should be (liberal, pro-choice), they decided to rip her to shreds.  While I feel that her policies in Alaska were fair game for the press, the amount spent on her campaign wardrobe should not have been (when has a male candidate’s clothing EVER been discussed?).  Neither should her supposed lack of experience (we elected Barack Obama President with less executive experience).

Then there’s the whole Bristol issue.  The online world was still abuzz with the rumor that Sarah’s son Trig was actually Bristol’s baby, and  Sarah was just covering up her daughter’s teen pregnancy!  When, lo and behold, Bristol turned up actually pregnant.  You know the media had to love that one:  “family values party” teen pregnancy drama.  There hadn’t been any news so great since they learned Dick Cheney’s daughter was a lesbian.

Regarding Bristol and her baby, I can only feel sympathy for Sarah.  As a fellow mom, I know that you can do everything “right” for your kids:  teach them values, take them to church, eat dinner together as a family, heck – sing Kum Ba Yah each night – and still they can make choices you’re radically opposed to.  It’s called life and free will.

As for Palin’s political future, I’m not optimistic.  While I feel she would be a capable President, I think the media has so damaged her that her reputation has been irreparably harmed.  It’s been my experience that most people just pick up the line that the media is feeding and make it fact:  Palin is stupid (Katie Couric interview!  Tina Fey!), Bush is bad (war monger!  stupid!), Dick Cheney is evil (controlling mastermind!  shot a guy while hunting!) – I could go on.

For better or for worse, in our current culture it’s difficult for a conservative (male or female) to get a fair shake.  Hopefully, Sarah Palin can be the first of many steps toward progress in that regard.

8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: More Sinned Against Than Sinning

  1. Yeah? See, I could never get on on board about Palin being a good speaker. All the folksey, winky, cliches always irked me.

    As for political future, I agree with you. Just google PALIN LIKE and you get a gaggle of articles about her being inarticulate, backwards and worse. When your name becomes an adjective to describe others being inept maybe it´s time to pack it in.

  2. Well, here is the point as I see it. The sitting president can become a crack dealing used car salesman in the next 4 years…but that doesn´t improve Palin any, does it?

  3. I was a Palin fan. I loved all that she represented. I have a 6 year old daughter with Down syndrome and that was a huge initial draw for me. Hoping she would do more for special education funding. It seems the media is always against anything that is conservative or of worth.

  4. excellent thoughts here…I totally agree! I hope we haven’t seen the last of her. She has so much to offer.

  5. It makes me very angry that the very people that scream “Tolerance” don’t seem to have any. The sheer meanness is so discouraging. And then to fawn all over Pres. Clinton and make fun of the women he took advantage of just amazes me. I don’t think the other side calling him vile names was helpful either tho. I try really hard to see people for their own actions and not just vilify them because I don’t agree with them. Sarah Palin does not deserve the ridiculous attacks on her, nor did Pres. Bush.

  6. Susan, you’ve hit the nail on the head! She was villified because she didn’t fit the media’s definition of a successful woman. How sad! I look forward to the day when all wrongs will be righted, but it won’t happen down here.

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