Expose Your Kids to Ethnic Foods

I think we all would like to raise kids who aren’t picky eaters.  I would, and although I’m not always successful, after several years at this parenting thing I have realized that kids do go through stages and so I don’t stress over seasons of pickiness.

Another aspect of “not being a picky eater” that I’d like to teach my girls is to be open to enjoying foods of other countries.  One of my favorite aisles of the grocery store is the international one.  I enjoy perusing the foods from the different countries – some that look enticing, others … not so much, but they’re all interesting.

Recently I had an idea.  Each week, I buy one item from the international aisle and prepare it for the family.  To keep things frugal, I limit my choices by purchasing something on sale.

img_2154Here are some samples – Bearnaise sauce (France), and General Tso’s Chicken and Hot and Sour soup (China).  Everyone is encouraged to try the new food, and we discuss its country of origin a bit.

The kids enjoy this, and I’ve learned to like some new foods as well.  It works for me!


7 thoughts on “Expose Your Kids to Ethnic Foods

  1. Great idea for a way to keep it interesting without putting too much stress on you! I have always felt that exposing children (the younger the better) to a wide variety of flavors and foods helps eliminate pickiness. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like that idea. My mom and I were just talking about that how people that don’t atleast give other foods a try are missing out on so many things!

  3. Fun fun! I wrote a post about drinks from around the world for this WFMW… I love ethnic food. 🙂

  4. Well, it helps that I grew up in Asia, so half the time I just didn’t have a choice – American food was a treat and Asian food is what was available. I totally believe that what you’re doing is great though. Kids don’t eat things they are unfamiliar with, so if you slowly introduce new things you expand their range of what they’ll try AND make them love other cultures. That’s fantastic.

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