World’s Longest Curtains

Today I am sharing with you what must surely be the world’s longest curtains.  Well, maybe there are longer ones.  But these sure SEEM long.  Here they are, on the left side of the foyer:

24 foot curtains24 feet from top to bottom – and believe me, I know, because I made them.

For the first seven years we lived here, the windows had no curtains.  It was fine, but since it’s such a big space, they kind of needed … something.  Thankfully, I have a crafty friend who could visualize something appropriate and help me make them.

It was a huge undertaking.  I do quite a bit of sewing, but to make something on this large a scale was honestly a pain.  Just laying out that much fabric, cutting it, ironing it, getting it through the sewing machine … let’s just say it’s not something I hope to repeat.

Oh, and that’s just half the work.  Here is the right side of the foyer:

long curtainsIn this photo you can also see just a bit of the alcove on the left … that’s just over the front door, and you guessed it – there is a window with curtains there too, but it’s just a “short” one at 8 feet 🙂


9 thoughts on “World’s Longest Curtains

  1. Oh, my gosh! What a job! But they are beautiful and you’re a very talented seamstress. Nancy

  2. I cannot imagine undertaking such a big task! I am very impressed with your skill.

    Who got up there and hung the curtains??

    And, now, I’d like to see more of your foyer and house, please, 🙂

    Thanks for being part of TIMHT!

  3. Wow, those are some long curtains (o: Pretty too. I always wondered how people dust up there???

  4. I am SO PROUD of you for surviving that project. I cannot imagine what you went through making them. You have a fortune in them – just in fabric costs! Material is expensive! Imagine if you had hired somebody to make them!

  5. Oh my, I can only imagine the sewing feat required. Good job!! We’ve been in our home almost seven years and I still have no curtains in my family, living or dining room. It’s a hard thing to decide. And each room will require me to do the sewing as they are of weird sizes.

  6. Oh my goodness, I can only imagine what a pain it was to work with that much fabric. They look beautiful, great job.

  7. OMG you did a great job!May I ask how much you spend making that curtain? I’m thinking about making my own since I have a 18ft long window in my great room and I’m looking for a good deal don’t want to spend a lot of money..

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