Impatient for Impatiens

We have two big pots out front on each side of the door, with topiary trees (which are in various stages of death, but that’s another story).  In the spring, I love planting impatiens around the trees to give color to the pots.  It’s on the north side of the house, and they seem to do really well there.

Anyway, last fall the girls and I discovered that they have the coolest seed pods:

seedpod impatiens

They look kind of like little worms, and when you roll them between your fingers, they spring open (it’s really neat!).

I decided to save some and see if they would germinate in the spring.  I planted them 2-3 weeks ago and had basically given up, when yesterday I saw this:

 impatiens seedlingsWoo hoo! I am excited that we may have home-grown impatiens this year!


5 thoughts on “Impatient for Impatiens

  1. As you know, neither of my thumbs are any shade of green. I did not know these flowers had seeds, nor that it was possible for the common man/or woman – to start more from seed. Interesting… Send positive thoughts to those trees!

  2. Isn’t is crazy how thrilling it is to grow something?!! Our generation has really missed out on some good stuff, LOL!

    We check our ‘garden’ everyday and get giddy over each little sprout.

    Congrats on growing your own impatiens!

  3. Susan,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I didn’t know that about impatiens; my hubby loves to do the gardening and plants impatiens on the north side of our house, too. They are so pretty and we always get compliments on them. Have a blessed Easter! Nancy

  4. Isn’t it fun to watch something sprout from the ground? I’m sure it brings us all back to our kindergarten days. Yippee for you on getting them to sprout. I know they will grow up to be beautiful!

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