Elementary School Keepsake for Your Child

Would you like an elementary school keepsake for your child of her earliest school years?  Here’s one that I’ve done for my girls, and I just love it.

elementary school keepsakeBuy a copy of Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (hint – you can get new ones under $10 at Amazon when buyer from “used and new” third party sellers).

Each spring, bring the book to your child’s teacher (without your child knowing) and ask her to write a personal note to your child inside the cover.  You can also ask favorite bus drivers, Sunday School teachers, 4-H leaders, whoever is special to your child.

When your child begins middle school (or at any point you choose), present the book to her.

elementary school keepsake

My oldest daughter got her book last fall, and she loves reading through the positive notes from important people in her life! We can all use more reminders of how special we are — and more memories of those who’ve made a difference in our lives.

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6 thoughts on “Elementary School Keepsake for Your Child

  1. What a wonderful idea!!! When I ‘graduated’ from elementary, we all received autograph books to exchange and leave notes for each other. That was fun. Couldn’t tell ya whatever happened to that book. It’d be fun to read now.

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