Childhood Memories Friday: ’70s Paperdolls

childhoodmemoriessummer1Today’s memory was sparked when I was sorting the other day and came across a box of my childhood ’70s paperdolls.  I had a lot!  Here are some favorites; maybe you will see something you had or a character you remember.

Baby Beans '70s paperdollsHere are the Baby Beans.  I was reminded of them by a recent post at Carol‘s.  I had the pink Baby Beans doll and loved her, and I also loved these paperdolls.  They came with a lot of outfits, which made them even more fun!

1960s paperdollsThese were probably my first paperdolls, and one of the dolls has lost an arm, but man, looking at them is my childhood encapsulated.  I just can’t get rid of them!  Their clothing was so detailed.  I love how my mom glued wooden popsicle sticks on their necks in the back to avoid that darn paperdoll beheading that was so common.

Mrs. Beasley '70s paperdollsAhhh, Mrs. Beasley.  Family Affair was one of my favorite childhood TV shows.  What I wouldn’t give to live in that cool apartment with Buffy, Jody, Cissy, nice old Uncle Bill and of course my very own servant, Mr. French!  You know, I betcha they had a station wagon, and Cissy was the perfect go go boots model. Oh well, the next best thing was to spend many an enjoyable afternoon with my paperdoll of Buffy’s doll, Mrs. Beasley.

Flintstones paperdolls 1960s paperdollsAnd another childhood TV favorite, The Flintstones.  Mom tells me that I was so excited when Wilma was going to have Pebbles on the show (maybe this was an early indicator of my Jon and Kate fixation?).  These Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm paperdolls are so beat up that I can hardly pick them up without them tearing, but ah, the memories!  I laid out a few outfits I created myself – my sister and I used to love making yet more clothes for our paperdolls.

bride and groom '70s paperdollsAnd what girl’s childhood is complete without her own bride and groom paperdolls?  Note the lovely ’70s style pantsuit for the bride and that sporty shorts-set for the groom (who I always happily noted looked like President Nixon!).  Ahh, the dreams!

Kiddles '70s paperdollsKiddles!  Did you have a bunch of those tiny little dolls?  I did, and I loved them.  I even had a pop-up Kiddle Castle, which sad to say has not survived (pliable plastic doesn’t hold up well in the hands of kids).  These Kiddle ’70s paperdolls were great because they came with TONS of clothes (check out the retro looks I’ve selected to show you!).  I also loved the little house scene they came in.

Betsy McCall '70s paperdollsFinally, Betsy McCall.  Betsy was found each month in McCall’s magazine, along with a few new outfits.  I remember gluing these carefully to cardboard and then cutting them out each month – a good exercise in patience, huh?

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17 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: ’70s Paperdolls

  1. Susan,
    So cool! Well mine are not from my childhood but you might like them…

    The only paper dolls I have are Princess Diana ones! They are the Charity Auction dresses…how about that?!! I knew you would love it.
    I also have Charles & Diana ones and the entire Royal Family, lol! I really have no idea where I got them from but I’ve never actually played with them. Just tucked them in the bookshelf along with the other books.

    Thought you might enjoy!

  2. Hi Susan, I had paper dolls too but that was in the 1960’s. I wish I still had them. Can’t remember the characters but I spent many an hour dressing them and playing. Have a happy day! Pamela :o)

  3. I had paper dolls – and loved them, but I didn’t have such an extensive collection, and they certainly didn’t survive like yours did.

    Great photos!

  4. I had them, but didn’t play with them much. perhaps if I had someone to paly with them with me, I would have.

    I did have Liddle Kiddles and still have their Clubhouse. 😀

  5. Wow…you really had a collection! I remember having some paper dolls, but I don’t remember what they were specifically. I did love that show Family Affair, though!

  6. Oh my gosh! I wanna come play at your house!!!!!!! Mrs. Beasley? I am so jealous. I loved that show. Thanks for sharing with us. It was fun just to look.

  7. What a fun post! I had forgotten all about paper dolls. I loved the Betsy McCall ones, too, though I’m sure I didn’t have the foresight to glue them to cardboard before cutting them out. Thanks for sharing; it’s so nice to meet you 🙂

  8. My two sisters and I played with paper dolls. I’d sit on my top bunk bed, Elaine would sit on the lower bunk and Mary Ellen sat on her matching twin bed. That was out setting for paper doll play. My neighbor/cousin Judy was excellent at making paper doll clothes out of paper. I still have two of my paper dolls from the 1940s/1950s.
    Take care of your children’s things like this. Someday, when they grow up, they will appreciate the fact you did!

  9. I love paper dolls, although I don’t remember having many as a girl. I also loved Family Affair. My sister still has her little Mrs. Beasley doll, complete with tiny little spectacles!

  10. I never really played with paper dolls as a child, but I collect them whenever I find them at yard sales and flea markets. If you google paper dolls (images) there are some really lovely scans that you can use. My daughters both enjoyed some of the sweeter little girl dolls.

  11. Wow! What memories! I had the bride and groom paperdolls – actually, I had several sets of bride paperdolls. Also: anything Barbie, Patty Duke (!), Green Acres, and several baby doll type sets. I spent so much time playing with them. Some came in boxes; others came in more of a booklet form. My dad would buy me a set every Friday, when we went downtown to pay bills. If the dresses had to be cut out, he’d assist. Remember those awful pink plastic scissors that used to come with some sets? Never worked very well, did they? Sadly, my mother threw the entire collection belonging to me and my four older sisters, dating back to the 1950s – such a loss!

  12. I remember as a young girl in the late 60’s and into the early 70’s, that I played with my paper dolls, since they were sometimes the only kind of dolls my mom could afford to buy me back then, especially when I had two brothers and a sister, and our family had very little money. I used to play with them all the time, cutting out all the pieces to each wardrobe or costumes for each doll to have, and played with them till the paper was worn through. I wish I still had them, but my brothers who were your typical roughhouse boys back then and add to that a sister who never took care of her toys or my toys, just made keeping those dolls in good shape, a tough job. But they were so much a part of my childhood memories and to this day when I see paper dolls, I still get a little childlike grin on my face, and I turn into a young girl all over again, albeit even for just a few minutes, but still.

  13. I loved reading your post (which I found on the wordpress tag search) and the comments.

    When Family Affair came on every week I danced all over the living room. I’m not a real dancer, but there was just something about that music. I still get the urge when I hear the theme music.

  14. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciated your comment.

    Today I posted some fashion pictures from 1893 and also more added links yesterdays.

    I’ll look for the book you mentioned.

    One more thing about paperdolls: in searching the net, I’ve discovered that some people spell it as all one word, and some separate the words. So, I put it both ways in my tags. The two spellings bring up different results.

  15. I had a pink baby beans too. (Last I saw her she was looking pretty rough-not sure if I finally just got rid of her or repacked her once more-the hair definately will melt if put in the dryer so I discovered a long while back)

    My sister had the kiddles-and even had a town for them that I loved playing with. Such fun memories.

    I had lots of different paper dolls too growing up and loved them. I always enjoyed getting a new set and playing with them for a good while.

    Great post…

  16. I am so impressed that you hung on to your paper dolls all these years. That was a great share. I found your blog because I recenty rescued a small stack of uncut paperdolls from an estate sale, and was planning to list them on my web site. Three of them are the Little Kiddles, but the one that I had as a kid (I’m keeping it) was Flatsy. She was a rubber doll, and like Gumby she was flexible and flat. I had a real Flatsy doll, and also the paper dolls. I was excited to find Flatsy again. . .. I am glad to find there are still ladies enjoying paper dolls.

  17. i wish someone would bring back the paperdolls for all the little girls today we need them to come back
    on the store shelves

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