A Great State

Today, I’m sharing my Indiana pin from the Indiana State Capitol building.

Indiana pinIt’s only about 1″ high, and I got it yesterday from the President of the Indiana Senate during a visit to the Indiana State Capitol.  Here’s the story.

My oldest daughter and I headed to our state capital early.  She (along with several other members of her 4-H club) were going to be pages for the Indiana Senate President, who happens to be from our area:

Indiana Senator David LongHe was very personable, spending 30 minutes with the kids (and making himself late to a meeting with the president of Notre Dame over the Obama-speaking-at-ND-graduation-flap – side note: why on EARTH would Notre Dame ask our most pro-abortion President EVER to speak?  WHY??) and giving us all pins.  He explained the benefits of Indiana’s “citizen legislators” – ie, our congresspeople work only four months of the year and hold “regular” jobs in addition to being legislators.  So, we are able to save taxpayer money by not paying them full-time (plus, from my pro-limited-government perspective, any time legislators are NOT in session is good).  He seemed like a very sensible Christian man, and I felt good that the state legislators report to him.

Indiana State CapitolThe capitol building is lovely, but honestly, I didn’t find it as impressive inside as our own county courthouse (which admittedly is spectacular).

There were areas of beauty:

Indiana State Capitol… and spots of controlled chaos (here was a group of loud protesters):

Indiana State Capitol protestAll in all, a fun day of learning and observing close-up the workings of our government.


8 thoughts on “A Great State

  1. You do the coolest things with your children (and on your own)! I love the pin. I have an Italian charm bracelet and two of the charms are state flags: Indiana and Maryland. I think the Indiana flag is one of the best in the nation, just my opinion.
    I like how the legislators are there, working ‘part time’. Our government in D.C. could learn a multitude from the states if only they would listen. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful trip and opportunity. I’m glad your kids are going to be part of the next generation!

    LOVE the pictures you took.

    Thanks for being part of TIMHT!

  3. I talked with two of our teachers who were there yesterday, lobbying. I had no clue you were going. You could well have seen them, although you would not know them if you did…

  4. Sounds like an interesting trip and a great experience for your eldest.

  5. Great opportunity! Next time go into the library of the Supreme Court–the ladies in there are all old friends of mine!

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