Grand Piano

Since I was in second grade, I have played piano.  When I moved to my first apartment after college, I remember thinking I was more interested in getting a piano than a bed! I would love to have had a grand piano, but finances made that out of the question.

My mom helped me find a used piano in the newspaper ads, I bought it, and was off.  Over the years my dad had told me he’d buy me a grand piano someday, if I was a “good girl”, but I supposed either I wasn’t good enough or he just forgot, because that never happened.

Anyway, I continued to hope I could get a grand piano.  And for Christmas 2007, it finally happened!

grand pianoI love the piano, and my oldest and youngest daughters play on it every day.


11 thoughts on “Grand Piano

  1. What a gorgeous piano! You are blessed that you stuck with your lessons. Wish I had. I stopped after a few years because I wasn’t inspired by a change in piano teacher. We moved, and the one I had after the move was stuck in a Beethoven rut. That’s all she wanted us to play. That and songs from Lawrence Welk. 😉 Now, I love both more than I can say! LOL!

    I have a lot of things I love in our house, but one of the things I love best is art. And I love antiques.

    Hope you have a wonderful day…


    Sheila 🙂

  2. Oh, I’m so jealous. I wish I could play piano. [sigh] I just wish I was musically inclined! I can sing fairly well, but playing something that doesn’t sound like jungle music is beyond my capabilities. :o) Lovely piano. I’m so happy you finally have one. ♥ ∞

  3. The piano is beautiful, and it looks like you have the perfect spot for it in your house.

    I wish I could play the piano…. two of my kids took lessons for a while, but aren’t taking any longer. What they learned in those few years though has come in very handy and given them a good understanding of music.

    Thanks for joining TIMHT!

  4. What a beautiful piano, I’m very envious. I just started my piano journey a couple months ago and one day (years from now) I’ll have to reward myself with a grand.

  5. My son would LOVE to have a grand piano. He’ll have to settle on playing the one we have at church, but I would love to be able to get him one someday….Yours is gorgeous!!

  6. What Susan doesn’t tell is that she is a FABULOUS pianist! You should hear her play classical music. She’s awesome!

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