Labeling Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

I make scrapbooks, and I always use the same type of album.  This looks nice on a shelf, but it can be difficult to tell just where to find something specific.  Say I wanted to see photos from a 2003 trip – which album would I pull out?  I wasted a lot of time looking through various ones before pulling out the correct one.

Labeling Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

This week, I solved the problem.  I bought a pack of stickers that look like labels.  I looked through each album, putting them in order and writing the dates covered on the label (2/’04 – 6/’06, etc).

labeling scrapbooks and photo albums


5 thoughts on “Labeling Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

  1. Hmm.. those stickers look like tags… you could use them inside on the scrapbook pages, too.

  2. I think that is a very good idea! I should use some for my scrapbooks.

    P.S. I loved your Facebook post…so funny!!!!!!


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